After 100,000 iPad downloads, Curator launches for iPhone

    Evernote does a lot of things well- I’m writing the draft of this story in Evernote, for instance. But it can’t be all things to all people, especially for creatives that think and record more visually than a word-based interface.

    Stockholm-based Curator was designed to be that visual grid where you can bring in those websites, text, and images together, sort of like a private Pinterest more built around your notes. While the app was only first launched a year ago on iPad, it’s gathered good momentum hitting over 100,000 downloads an has reached the top 10 productivity apps in 76 countries around the world.

    Now the app has come to the iPhone for those of you who don’t like lugging your iPad around everywhere. The iPhone app will also let you plug into your Dropbox, Instagram, or other cloud storage services to pull in your photos or documents.

    “People today expect to be able to do serious work on their mobile devices, and rightly so. We are making Curator into the No.1 tool for the creative process, regardless of platform. You won’t need desktop tools like InDesign and Powerpoint to get work done. Focus on the content and Curator will help you publish or present it anywhere,” says Daniel Nordh, Founder of Curator

    Up next Nordh tells us they will be releasing ‘sharing and collaboration’ on boards, as well as allowing you to create PDFs and Publishing boards as websites for when a mobile demo won’t do.

    Curator can be downloaded here.