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We’ve never been too shy to promote our advertising solutions in the past and nor are we now! We’ve begun our autumn period with a very nice gain in our visitor statistics which only mean that there is a lot of demand for a media like ours. To be more specific, our visitor stats have improved over 60% compared to our July/August statistics. This of course makes our job easier here at ArcticStartup, but also guarantees a lot of great visibility for our advertising partners. We’re very proud to say that our monthly banner spots aren’t spoiled with high prices – they’re selling for only 400 € a month, that’s a mere 100€ a week!

Why am I bragging about our advertising solutions to you then? Well, I want to make an offer. The fastest to sign up with us in the coming weeks will be guaranteed to have their future ads running at 400€ a month, while the slower ones will have to dig a little deeper. We’re planning to re-check our prices in the coming month for the winter, so for all those thinking about the possibility of advertising with us – think no further, get in touch with [email protected] and we’ll be glad to tell you more.

We’re currently servicing close to 40 000 pageviews a month from over 100 countries. Just to be clear, these visitors aren’t the yellow press type, they stay on site and read – our average visit duration is over 1 minute 30 seconds. On top of the banner visibility, you’ll also get noticed in the two blog posts monthly where we thank our sponsors with a little custom message they may have to the startup community. So if you wish to reserve your spot in the sun, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or send us an inquiry through the contact form.