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We covered Advant Games, a Finnish money gaming company, back in 2009 about their development and how they’re building their company. Back then they had just Veikkaus, the Finnish lottery monopoly, as their client, but today work with all three Finnish money gaming companies and a a handful of foreign companies as well.

In 2010, Advant Games also hired a new CEO, Riku Soininen, who has been working with Veikkaus for 10 years, who will be bringing a nice amount of experience from the industry to the company. Furthermore, in 2010 the Advant Games secured funding from VeraVenture and a business angel. With this funding they began building the Lottery Innovation Network.

The network is a concept that enables co-creation of working concepts for its members, helping them to test, discuss and refine their needs based on their business requirements. The network will also help Advant Games to open doors to some of the largest lottery operators in the world.

Advant Games is also developing a service called Tilt Ctrl for online poker. The concept should help recognize anad prevent tilt, which mean over-aggressive and destructive play. The company has developed the product in collaboration with a Finnish development partner, academic research institutes and a team of professional poker players. The company expects a lot from the product in the future.

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