Adtile provides human-to-human engagement in new mobile ad concept

    Editor’s note: this is a sponsored post by Adtile

    Despite the shifts in spending we see moving to mobile advertising, basically every ad you see on your phone are about as unsophisticated as a late 90’s web banner. Meanwhile your phone is packed with sensors like magnetometers, touch screens, GPS, and motion sensors, making interacting with your phone a more context-rich experience if the hardware is leveraged right.

    Innovative brands are looking for a more experience-rich form of advertising. Take for example Adtile’s new touch experiences: instead of an easily dismissible mobile popup, a user is prompted to press and hold a branded button. As you can see in the above photo, it will then show how many people are pressing the ad at the same time – which nudges users to keep holding until a certain amount of people are also holding the button at the same time. After the goal is reached, the participants are then rewarded with a surprise.

    This connects the ad viewer in much more of a human-to-human experience and gamifies the ad, while giving brands long engagement times. This touch experience is designed to fit with Adtile’s Motion Ad technology, where you can add even more elements to the story flow, including activities like “start running to activate this ad!” or drawing a letter in the air with your phone, or shaking it. Adtile has a partnership with Yelp, which supports location-based advertisements like “move this way 70 feet for a free coffee”.

    The mobile advertising industry is ripe for changes and innovations like these, and it’s going to be interesting to see how brands adapt and take advantage of new platforms like Adtile that focus on engagement rather than just taking up space on a phone’s screen.