Adius Lets Marketing Managers Decide What They Want To Be Pitched

Adius is a free service out of Denmark that helps marketing managers and (anyone pitching to them) save their time by making it easy to find what the managers are and aren’t looking for. Rather than being interrupted multiple times a day by SEO companies, PR agencies, advertising agencies, and so on, Adius seeks to solve the information problem by letting the “suppliers” know what the buyer’s situation is.

Mogens Sejer Iversen, the CEO of Adius, believes that Marketing Managers would sign up for a service because they know that if they help the suppliers get a proper knowledge about their potential customers then the suppliers have a fair chance of either not continuing to pitch to the marketing manager, or to make a much more relevant pitch/meeting request, which can be sent digitally. To expand upon their service, they’re also working on physical matchmaking based on the data they’ve collected on suppliers and marketing managers.

Iversen tells us, “New business efforts are so inefficient because they are based on phones and a lot of guessing and very little knowledge. And believe me, we have talked to more than 500 marketing managers, and they don’t find it amusing to have all these unqualified phone calls either.”

They’re currently testing out the service for marketing managers in Denmark, with who Adius is working very closely. In the future they may expand the Adius model for other niches like HR, IT, Finance, and so on, as well as expanding geographically.

It will be interesting to watch how the suppliers react to this service, and if they recognize it as a win-win right away.