Adform’s U.S. Expansion Starts With New Sales & Support Offices in NYC and L.A.

The Adform team might not be actual “Vikings” per say, but in a modern perspective they’re getting pretty close; They’re hardened overseas travelers and witty businessmen, just like their red bearded ancestors.

Established in 2002 and originating from Denmark, Adform’s product is a cloud-based platform that allows advertisers to manage the entire add buying process, from planning, buying, optimizing, and analyzing.

Eventually, Adform set sail, the course towards the southern seas of Europe. In the early 2011’s they landed in Italy, where they opened office. After 10 months of promising growth margins, Adform expanded further, this time to Spain.

Roughly two years later, in other words around a week ago, Adform announced the opening of their New York and Los Angeles office spaces.

The sales and support offices will support U.S.-based publishers interested in expanding their rich-media offerings, as well as media buyers who want to launch programmatically executed branding campaigns.

“With the opening of our new offices, U.S.-based brands can now leverage our Brand-Led Media Platform to launch highly creative multi-screen digital campaigns that deliver the massive scale they need. What’s more, they can take advantage of the real-time data-driven campaign optimization available only through programmatic.”, said Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO of Adform

Part of Adform’s success can be attributed to its “Real Time Bidding”. With this program, buying inventory is fully automated on three different models– you can either hit a wide audience for branding purposes, a performance model that hits targeted users, and a re-engage model to bring back specific visitors. If you have your ads ready, you assign the budget you want to spend, define how you want to spend it and you are good to go. Ads are then displayed on their network of Ad Exchanges.

With large market shares in the Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Germany and Italy, Adforms pan-European market takeover is going good enough for launching another grand front line in the far West. Moreover, the U.S. expansion takes place from both coasts, where they will help U.S. brands both locally as well as in cross continental expansion, thanks to their existing European contacts.