Add To The #Arcticrumor Hashtag – Fresh Rumors From The Region

    Before you go on reading what is going to be a very interesting article filled with great rumors from the region, go into your twitter account and post your own tips and rumors for us using the #ArcticRumor hashtag.

    Done? Now you can read the rest. What we have come to realize is that by pushing out full-blown stories on a daily basis, we are missing some of the fun that is taking place in our region. A lot of stories and rumors are just too small or too early for a story. So starting from today we are going to attempt to run a weekly rumors column based on events we have attended, people we have talked to and rumors we have heard and seen on the #ArcticRumor hashtag.

    So if you have heard about a new and exciting startup, a new product, an exciting news from the region or anything else for that matter, just use #ArcticRumor and we might just pick it up for this column or even a full article. You can also draw our attention to stories using this method.

    So without further adieu, let’s jump straight into this weeks secret stories.

    Top Rumors:

    We can confirm that there is a start-up in the region that is working on a satellite. That’s right, a startup in Helsinki is trying to bring down the cost of launching a commercial satellite 20 fold and do this in order to analyze what is hiding beneath the Arctic ice. Some say the name of this company has something to do with arctic and startups. All we know is that the CEO assured us that he would let us know as soon as they are ready to announce anything.

    On another note, I was similarly surprised when I was at Startup Helsinki event during the summer and a shy, mysterious but smart looking fella gave me a card and said they were going to build a new electric sports car and that their team was two people strong. To be honest, I did not believe it at first, but then we covered Scarlet Motors in August. Still, I was not sure. Now I have heard a rumor that they already employ 14 people and are fast at work on the first prototype. Now I am hopeful and ready to stand in line for this car.

    Finally, we are happy to see that the Stockholm startup ecosystem is somewhat organizing under the name STHLM Startups.

    Smaller Rumors:

    – Robin Wauters of The Next Web is a Foursquare addict.
    – Dmitri Sarle has recently become a father.
    – Greg Anderson is working from the States over Christmas.

    Hope to see plenty of rumors from you guys, just use our hashtag and we will retweet, publish and make stories.

    #ArcticRumor photo from Shutterstock.