Adcash Exceeds €25M Turnover, Goes On a Hiring Spree

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored job posting, but please help support ArcticStartup by passing this on to your friends looking for work.

    When we discovered Adcash, which is now one of the fastest growing and most promising startups in the Baltics, we knew that we were onto something. They were aiming for €25 million turnover for 2013, had over 40 employees and were #80 on Alexa ranking.

    According to Thomas Padovani, founder and CEO they reached and surpassed their goals: “We did it! Our turnover is over 25M€ this year. It’s easy to say that this was the plan all along when it’s done but we have been very regular and have dealt with 3 digits % of growth every year since we started. We’ll try to keep a trend of more than 100 % of growth in 2014.”

    In addition to the turnover, the company has now grown to 54 employees and is currently 59th in Alexa’s Top 500 sites on the web.

    Today, the company announced a big hiring push and a goal to expand the team by at least 30 more people by the end of 2014. That is means, basically doubling their Tallinn headquarters.

    According to Kadri Mäe, the HR Manager at Adcash, the company is actively hiring and is looking for specialists in the fields of IT as well as Sales and Marketing. There is a full list of available positions on the ArcticStartup jobs board as well as the Adcash website.

    To facilitate the move, Adcash is opening a new office with a view of the Old Town of Tallinn, and promises to have a special twist to the office, and a special Adcash company culture.

    In fact, during our recent trip to Tech Chill Baltics, we had the chance to get a taste of their culture as we went for a few drinks with Padovani and it was great to see many employees of the company joining in, sharing the fun and participating. It even felt that we were a part of Adcash at that point.

    As Mäe told us: “Working in Adcash means to enter into a very dynamic and fast developing international environment. Our people are well-paid and they come with smiles on their faces to work every morning. And this is very important for us: to work hard but play hard too 🙂 Humor and joking is a part of our days, we are friendly and easygoing.”

    They will be focusing on expanding the Tallinn office mainly, but there will be opportunities to go abroad to either existing offices in Sofia (Bulgaria), Queretaro (Mexico), Paris (France) or perhaps new offices in the future.

    “As we are rapidly growing company there are unlimited opportunities for our employees to develop professionally, so moving to different offices within the company, is very realistic and possible and if this supports both our business and employee`s personal development, we are for that.” says Mäe.

    Some of the positions that they need filling as soon as possible are: Site Reliability Engineer, Senior Data Scientist, Ad Optimization Developer, Back Office PHP Developer (Senior, Junior) and Office Manager.