Adactus Enables Cross-Platform Multimedia Streaming

    Adactus logoAdactus is a Norwegian startup providing cross-platform content delivery systems. Adactus aims to enable broadcast television and other content providers to increase their market reach to mobile to get new customers and revenue.

    Adactus enables broadcasters to offer controlled and optimized live video and video-on-demand services with best possible quality to a variety of different mobile terminals, also simultaneously on both web and mobile. The optimization of content can be done based on the delivery network environment, and end-user handset capabilities and preference, while the content provider can control and monitor the content consumption with DRM and other tools. Adactus’ products support live or on-demand streaming of, download of, and subscriptions to video content. The company’s technology also allows for personalized or location-based commercials in different forms like tickers, images, and movies.

    Adactus has taken part in the standardization of MPEG-21 multimedia framework, which forms the core of the company’s products. The technology makes it possible to adapt content to specific environments and handsets, based on for example screen resolution, color depth, video- and audio codecs available. The adaptation can also be done based on network capabilities and user preferences.

    The publicly-traded Norwegian company Vizrt has a minority stake in Adactus.