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Accenture Accelerator Brings Together Corporations and Smart City Startups

Startups struggle to get in contact with large clients and corporations have trouble driving innovations. Accenture Accelerator in Helsinki puts an end to that.

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When we think about innovation, we usually think of startups. But why? It is a common belief that startups are cooler, more agile, and faster to create and execute new ideas than large corporations.

Accenture proves that all wrong, and shows how even the largest corporations can be agile and innovative. Accenture works as the bridge maker between startups and top companies. It helps large companies push their innovations further, and startups to find their next clients.

How does the company do that?

Driving innovation for world leaders

Being one of the largest companies in the world, Accenture has all the assets, resources, and capabilities necessary to fuel innovation. Plus, it has a large-scale business network. The organization works with most of the Top 20 Finnish companies and can open doors to Fortune 500 companies on the global scale through Accenture’s Open Innovation program.

On one hand, Accenture serves large enterprises helping them to drive innovation in their field. The latter have the scale and resources to achieve their business transformation objectives that smaller players may not have.

On the other hand, Accenture works with startups helping them to jointly develop new platforms and applications, advance core offerings, or expand into new markets. Accenture is open to startups from all kinds of industries. It does not matter how much money you are making or how much capital you raised, as long as you have at least a working prototype and a team to execute the solution further.

Helping startups to find a market fit

We connect startups to top industry leaders and innovators and provide our consulting, technology and network to help them bring their business to the next level,” comments Antti Hoikkala, Managing Director and Head of Advanced Technology and Architecture at Accenture Finland.

In Finland, Accenture has partnered with Maria 01, the largest startup community space in the Nordics located in Helsinki. The partnership gives the startups based in Maria 01 the opportunity, for example, to get coaching from Accenture experts in developing their go-to-market plan and in connecting them with Accenture’s vast network of clients and partners.

This kind of cooperation has already created success stories. For example, Accenture works with a Norwegian startup Boost AI that develops customer service chatbots. Boost AI is transitioning from a fresh tech startup into a professional SaaS company, and Accenture completes them in the fields where they have limited competences and experience. Today, Boost AI works with leading Nordic banks and insurance companies.

Accenture has experts and skills in introducing and implementing new solutions to corporate environments. Boost AI also benefits the scaling opportunities a global company like Accenture can offers” says Henry Vaage Iversen, Co-Founder of Boost AI, and continues “Not only can we collaborate on distribution and implementation in Finland and other Nordic countries, but together we can penetrate and conquer the global market.

Accenture Accelerator boosts startups in Helsinki this fall

It is hard for a young small company to build relationships with larger clients. Startups may be armed with great products, agile team members and investors’ capital, but it is a hard business for them to find the right person to pitch their product to within large organizations.

That problem is easily solved by taking part in one of Accenture’s startup accelerators. Accenture runs several accelerators and innovation labs in fintech, healthtech, cyber security and more, and has its own venture fund. Accenture Ventures works with and invests in growth-stage companies specializing in B2B, B2C, and infrastructure, typically investing within $2 – $30 million range.

In Finland, as part of the Open Innovation agenda in the Nordics, Accenture organizes a 2-month accelerator program in Helsinki called Accenture Accelerator. In the Accelerator, startups and leading Finnish organizations from multiple industries come together to build innovative solutions for the partner organizations.

By joining the Accelerator, the participating startups will get a fast track access to leading Finnish companies, and the most promising startups will be fed to Accenture’s global startup database, which may help them scale globally through Accenture’s network.

The application period for Accenture Accelerator Helsinki is open now for all smart living and smart mobility startups with working prototypes. The theme for this year’s program is Smart City, and the application period for startups is open until 30 July 2017. Submit your application here


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