Accelerace Receives A Multi-Million Investment

The innovation hub inQvation signed a several million DKR investment deal with Accelerace to strengthen its role in the Danish startup ecosystem.

Accelerace is one of the world’s top10 seed accelerators and has in its lifetime invested more than 260 million DKR in over 600 of the most promising Danish and international startups and growth companies. It scales startups within technology, foodtech, cleantech, life science, soundtech, fintech and welfaretech with help from experienced serial entrepreneurs, mentors, camps and a vast network. Some of Accelerace partners include such names as Arla, Bang & Olufsen, Elia, Enel, Novo Nordisk, and Danske Bank. Plus, the accelerator is also managing the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship, NOME, focused on life science and is a partner in the Baltic accelerator Overkill Ventures.
In 2018, Accelrace raised ten million DKR in investment from Vækstfonden, Færchfonden, and Symbion, and inQvation is said to get a double-digit stake in the group of owners.
“With the investment from inQvation, we add another important voice to the Accelerace group of owners and pursue the strategy of bringing together as many stakeholders in the startup ecosystem around Accelerace as possible for the benefit of the entrepreneurs,” says Peter Torstensen, CEO Accelerace just after signing the deal.

“Accelerace is the best accelerator in the Nordics and a significant voice on a European level. Originating from Denmark, it is unique that Accelerace has had, firstly, so many startups through their program and, secondly, created such a deep and extensive knowledge about how to create the most successful businesses.” says Claus Zibrandtsen, CEO inQvation, and adds “Just keep in mind that over 80% of the startups they have worked with are still alive today. That’s not something you see in many places.”