Aaltoes' Summer Of Startups Demoday

    Aaltoes has been cranking out more and more high quality programs for startups recently, and Summer of Startups has been their most recent success. Last night, nine of the 12 startups accepted to Summer of Startups pitched at their demoday to a crowd that spilled out of the auditorium. There were many health focused teams pitching at the event, but it was refreshing to see so many startups looking for solutions to real-world problems.

    The keynote speakers at the event included Jussi Hurmola of Jolla mobile, the ambitious new cellphone handset manufacturer that is looking to build their platform off of MeeGo, the abandoned Nokia platform, and Heidi Roizen, a Venture Partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson and a lecturer at Stanford.

    More details on the graduating startups can be found on the Aaltoes Summer of Startups page, but here’s a quick list. of who pitched.

    Catchbox – Winner of the event and a highlight of the Q&A sessions. They build brandable plush boxes with microphones inside, which can be thrown to the next audience member who wants to ask a question.

    Korja.us – Solving non-emergency city problems in any city through a single service.

    HealthPuzzle – a health application platform that offers personalized, mobile healthcare services based on an individual’s genetic composition, environmental factors and medical history.

    Breakit – a location-based photo sharing app where you can see what’s going on in the world around you.

    Groundup – a platform where you can share meaningful stories of how the world has been impacted through development aid.

    netMedi – a centralised communication service that connects cancer patients to doctors, rather than being spread out over email and phone.

    VitaSensis – A modern update to emergency remotes for senior citizens.

    WholePack – Designing holistic package solutions with appealing visual and superior structural design for small companies.

    FramGo – A belt that can determine the amount of fat and muscle in the human body.