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Aalto Venture Garage is launching Startup Sauna, which includes a month long tour around the Baltic rim to promote a new kind of startup acceleration program called Startup Sauna. Startup Sauna is direct continuum to the Summer of Startups program as well as the Bootcamp initiatives the venue organised last year. The program has been put in place to help pre-seed startups succeed through better mentorship of serial entrepreneurs as well as investors. What’s best, it’s open to all startups from the region.

There are two parts to the program. The first part is the so called Startup Sauna Warmup, which will feature a month long tour around the Baltic rim to promote the actual Startup Sauna event at the Aalto Venture Garage. During the tour the team will visit Turku, Oulu, Tampere, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Stockholm, Helsinki as well as Riga. Specific dates for the tour can be seen from the Startup Sauna website.

The second part of the tour, Startup Sauna Intense, will feature a 7-week long mentorship program at the Aalto Venture Garage for the chosen participants. The mentorship will start on May 2nd and continue until June 17th, which will be the demoday. Participants will be chosen by the Aalto Venture Garage and each invited team will receive 1000€. Overall, 10 teams will be chosen to participate at the Startup Sauna Intense.

After the Startup Sauna, the best teams will be awarded seed money and office space at the Aalto Venture Garage. Best teams will also receive mentoring from the coaches and a 3-6 month working visit to Silicon Valley. We’d like to add that all teams participating in the Startup Sauna Intense, should also apply to Arctic15 – a conference we’re putting together to launch the 15 most potential startups in the region.

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