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Aalto Capital, a Finnish investment bank, has launched a market place, Privanetanti, for startups and investors to find each other better. It is a very welcome initiative as early stage financing has commonly been noted as one of the largest challenges in getting growth companies off the ground and growing.

The service is part of Aalto Capital’s offering as such is not open platform for startups, but for those who buy services from Aalto Capital. At the moment of writing this, there are two companies looking for funding – one from consumer services and another one from healthcare. Neither of the companies are fully disclosed, but enough information is given to understand their financial status and initial business potential.

I think this is a great concept and the only improvement I’d argue is to make the platform more open towards other companies as well. Furthermore, Privanet investment bank, which is part of Aalto Capital also runs an aftermarket for startups’ stocks. Think of a stock exchange for startups. OMX Nordic also operates First North, which is an alternative market place for companies to raise money and make their stocks publicly available.

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