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A Short Update On Prezi, The Zooming Presentation Software

One startup we last covered in 2009 but deserves and update is Prezi, the cloud based presentation software that differentiates itself from the standard office presentation software by zooming in and out of of concepts, rather than the standard forward transitions of square slides. While we don’t have any breaking news to give you, we do have nearly three years of updates to catch up on.

A few months after our first coverage in 2009, the Budapest-based company received investment from both Sunstone Capital and TED Conferences. Shortly afterward the service expanded to San Fransisco and moved some of its operations there. While some sharp-eyed readers may now notice that Prezi isn’t quite from the Nordic or Baltic region, we feel they fall under our radar due to their leadership from co-founder and CEO Peter Arvai, a Swede who founded omvard.se and led Mobispine to an IPO.

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October of this past year Prezi hit the 5 million users mark and references a comparable growth rate as other popular services, such as Soundcloud and Evernote. The service also sits comfortably in one of iTunes’ top 10 free productivity apps.

And December 15 of 2011, Prezi received $14 million series B funding from Accel Partners and Sunstone Capital. For the future, CEO Arvai says, “Prezi is spreading globally and there are more and more devices where we think it can be useful. I’d like to make Prezi accessible to anyone with an idea that’s longer then a status update and shorter than a book.”

To see more about their path to 5 million users, check out this Prezi on Prezi.

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