In an increasingly globalized world, the moments we share with others have never mattered more. The current pandemic has helped us all remember how vital it is to share experiences with other human beings. Nothing is more important for our wellbeing, education, and wealth.
Our new app, Part My Day, is built to connect people around the world. You’ll be able to make new memories with people, wherever you are. If you join our growing number of Hosts, you could earn money at the same time.

Part My Day is a new platform for sharing experiences with others. Users are connected one-to-one via an interactive online session.
Our Hosts are individuals with something to share. Be it an online course, a trip to a museum, or anything in between.
Our Explorers are people looking for something new. Part My Day connects Explorers and Hosts together for exciting new shared experiences across the globe.
It’s up to you which role you choose!
If you join Part My Day as a Host, you can earn money by hosting one-to-one sessions with our Explorers.

Your moments of joy could be:
– An online guided tour
– A cooking class
– A discussion of a chosen topic
– A dance
– A sports match
– A chat
– A performance
– Much more

Switch to Explorer Mode to find events that match your interests. Book an event and join a Host’s session to take part in a new moment of joy.
Lifestyle, Kids, Dancing, Home / DIY, Photo & Video, Fashion, Animals, Arts & Culture, Music, Travel, and many more.

App Features:
– 1-to-1 video call integration for Host-Explorer experiences
– A convenient appointment planner
– A simple calendar
– Exclusive content access
– Push notifications
– A message inbox
– Integrated Payment Methods
– Most major credit/debit cards
– MasterCard
– Diners Club
– American Express

Note: The Part My Day application doesn’t store users’ credit/debit card information.

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