A New Writer Joins ArcticStartup

    karri saarinenI am happy to announce that Karri Saarinen, an entrepreneur, web developer and an economics graduate student joins our ranks at ArcticStartup.

    Karri will bring his strong technological understanding to our editorial team. This will enable us to dive even deeper into the technological innovations that the startups we follow bring into the market.

    I believe that despite the hardship that the economy’s downturn brings with it, it is also a healthy correction for the web 2.0 startup industry, even though this time our industry was not responsible for it like in the 2000s. Thus, I am sure that we will see healthier and more focused startups in the future and that is why we want to make sure ArcticStartup is better equipped than ever to write about the new startups. For this reason, Karri will be a a perfect addition to ArcticStartup team and give us the needed resources to bring you the news on the latest new startups across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

    Welcome Karri!