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A plan for an app allowing users to track their symptoms won last weekend’s Startup Weekend in Stavanger, Norway.

The Health Tracker concept allows users with a condition to log their symptoms and associated circumstances over time. The benefit is simple – to allow themselves and medical professionals to be better informed about their progress and the impact of new or changed medications.

Unlike most Startup Weekend ideas, this was an idea that was swimming around inside the creator’s head for years.

“Two years ago my son was diagnosed with epilepsy”, says team leader Dave Batt.

“To his track seizures the doctors just gave us a PDF file that we could print out and write on. So I made a simple spreadsheet to better keep track of the data. This data then automatically populates into graphs and using these we were soon able to spot some valuable trends over time, like how effective specific changes in medication had been. I had thought for a while that all people diagnosed with a serious condition would benefit from this simple spreadsheet, and should be given it at the point of diagnosis. So this is the idea I took to Startup Weekend.”

“The idea is still in its infancy. We left Startup Weekend with an almost complete wireframe and currently our developer is working hard to complete the prototype.”

Health Tracker won first place because of their focus on validation, and a specific plan to monetise. Rather than just target consumers, the app will be marketed directly to the healthcare industry.

Oddvar Raugstad took the lead on the validation project:

“We know there is competition and other apps already in the marketplace. But other apps lack functionality or are limited in scope. I spent the weekend on the phone talking to health organisations and medical professionals both in Norway and around the world, and received very positive feedback. Even though there are existing rivals, not a single medical professional had heard of a similar product.”

Startup Weekend events in Stavanger are getting a reputation for churning out innovative ideas away from the web and mobile space, and this edition was no exception. Second place went to Wonder Heels, for their product that reduces pain in high-heeled shoes, while third place went to ArcaFlora, who claim they will produce “the most urban & modern hydroponic grow box on the market.” Don’t worry, me neither. According to the big G, it’s is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

Kudos to Stavanger for an interesting bunch of ideas!

Here are a few images from the Startup Weekend Stavanger Facebook page:

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