A look at Denmark's SEED Capital

    The other day you must have caught news that Copenhagen-based Trustpilot raised $25 millioin. Among their investors is Denmark’s SEED Capital, one of the most active investors in the region and the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark with €240 million under management. Here’s a quick look at them.

    Normally we would do an interview to go with an investor profile like this, but since SEED capital is really on the ball with their news outreach (an investor that blogs!), and because an earlier story fell through and we need to get an article out, we’ll just round up their latest news.

    But to give you a little background first, SEED is investing from SEED Capital Denmark II, their latest fund, totaling €91 million. The fund is likely running a little dry, with its investment period expected to end anytime this year. In the technology space, SEED Capital has invested in companies you might recognize, like the sports app, Endomondo, Wine app Vivino, and so on. Since founding SEED capital in 2004 they count 11 exits on their portfolio page.

    As we mentioned earlier, SEED capital has been taking advantage of their dealflow by last year investing in 19 new companies. Many of these are in the technology space, with seven of these new companies in the medtech space.

    They’ll likely see a stronger emphasis in this medtech space after bringing Ulf Rosén on as a Partner to Seed Capital. Most recently Rosén has served as CEO of Swedish Attana AB, which was sold to American investors this summer. In 2001, Ulf became CEO of NeoPharma which developed an innovative treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease. In January 2005, NeoPharma was sold and became one of the most successful exits in Swedish life science.

    ”Over the years, I have gained a good insight into what works when building a business, especially within medical equipment, surgical equipment and diagnostic support. I am looking forward to putting my experience to use in SEED Capital and help create value for entrepreneurs and investors,” says Rosén.

    Rosén joins the partner group as current partner, Carsten Schou, wishes to be less involved. Schou has been with SEED Capital since 2004.