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Friday, July 1, 2022

A Late Story On Applifier's €3 Million Series B Funding

This is old news now, but I’m sure some people haven’t about Applifier’s Series B funding so we’ll put a few words down. The Helsinki-based company this week raised $4 million (€3 million) to expand their Everyplay network, a social network built around gameplay recordings from mobile games. The round was led by Lifeline Ventures, including investments from MHS Capital, PROFounders, and a number of Angels. This investment follows last February’s €2 million investment.

Recordings of your standard desktop games have taken over Youtube in popularity, but the process of filming your high scores on a mobile app has historically been too awkward to be watchable. Applifier’s Everyplay isn’t its own app, it’s built into every game in its network. But by navigating to the video recording and sharing, you can find and watch videos from all different games.

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If I’m not summarizing this well enough, this video sums up the spirit of Everyplay – people sharing tricks to get loads of points in a game called Stair Dismount. Now that you’ve watched the video, you’ve got a good feeling if you’d like the game or not, and you might grab it from the app store. Jussi Laakkonen, CEO of Applifier, claims that this type of advertising monetizes 3-5 times better than traditional ads.

Here’s a video explaining the concept and integration for developers:

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