The 3rd edition of Startup Westfjords will take place on October 12-18th, 2020 at the Blue Bank in Thingeyri, on the west coast of Iceland.

Here, in the small fishing community on the shore of Dýrafjörður, up to 12 participants will be selected for a startup “decelerator”.

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs with a business idea or a startup project; it offers a week of workshops and mentorship by experienced figures from successful companies and ventures in different fields, who will provide their valuable expertise and insight into business developing and managing.

Whereas widely-known startup accelerators usually focus on fast growth in a highly competitive environment, Startup Westfjords takes a radically different approach: thanks to its remote setting, it gives participants the chance to step out of their everyday flow and work routines, slow down (thus the term “decelerator”) and immerse themselves in a stress-free atmosphere, ideal to get inspired, focus and be productive.

The program will provide training on the business and financial aspects of entrepreneurship but also on its “human” side, with mentorship on resilience, crisis handling and efficient ways to advance a projects through its many stages.

Thingeyri offers the slow pace and beautiful natural scenery that foster quiet and inspiration. The Blue Bank, known in Iceland as an innovation hub and coworking space, provides a modern and comfortable location for the program, where participants will find space to work, exchange ideas and breathe new life into their projects.

Up to 12 participants will be selected to attend the program, and will receive mentorship and accommodation free of charge, as well as a space to work. We accept all sorts of projects from startups, teams or individuals; we encourage applicants to submit innovative ideas that provide smart solutions to the new challenges we are facing in technology, communication and social relationships, with a particular eye on their sustainability.

Applications for the program can be submitted at until August 31st.

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