$6 million for Swedish SaaS platform All Ears

Swedish startup, All Ears Inc, today announced an investment of $6 million to strengthen their presence in the United States. They are the first media monitoring and social listening service with the ability to gather full coverage of spoken media. 

All Ears has expanded heavily during the last 12 months with a turnover growth of 140%. After tripling the size of their team, the company has begun to onboard new talent in the US and aims to open a New York office in 2022. They are currently already working with global brands such as Walmart, Canon, Hertz and more. 

As a SaaS platform using artificial intelligence, All Ears enables companies to monitor, understand, and measure the spoken media landscape. All Ears’ unique technology gives users the opportunity to track and analyze millions of podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube- and TikTok profiles. Customers are able to receive instant alerts pertaining to their brand, competitors or anything else that may be of interest. 

The round was led by notable Nordic media and SaaS investors such as Bonnier Ventures and  Alfvén & Didriksson. Bonnier Ventures was an early investor in Acast, one of the world-leading podcast hosting and growth platforms. 

“I think a lot of us can recognize the fact that we’re spending more and more time listening to podcasts, watching YouTube and engaging with other spoken media. We think it’s critical for organizations to get insights into these channels – and we believe that All Ears is on to something great in that regard” said Victor Bodin, Investment Director at Bonnier Ventures.

All Ears transcribes mentions automatically and provides customers with the ability to play the clip directly from the mention, instead of having to comb through hours of chatter. All Ears was created to streamline understanding of the power of spoken media and showcase the impact of communication. 

“By strengthening spoken media monitoring products for the new media landscape we’ll make sure that companies and organizations can keep track of what is being said about them, on the channels where their target audience is actually spending their time.”said All Ears CEO and Founder Tor Rauden Källstigen.

“Recent studies show that the majority (58%) of Americans’ media consumption now takes place through voice and video. By only covering text-based media, companies will miss more than half of what is said about their brand and their competitors. We founded All Ears to bridge that gap”

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