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nordic-venture-forum50 Nordic and Baltic companies will present at Nordic Venture Forum in Copenhagen on the 19th of October. They will pitch their products and companies to an audience of international venture capital, corporate investors and strategic partners. The companies have been split into three groups; cleantech, information and communication technologies, as well as life sciences.

While there are 12 companies in the cleantech group and 18 in the life sciences group, most of the companies fall into the ICT-group. The selection criteria to make it into the top 50 this year, you had to excel in the following areas: business potential, team experience, product/technology merit, competitive position, investment or partnering interest and project profile quality.

The full listing of companies to make it to Nordic Venture 50 this year:

Aquafence, NO
BioKube, DK
Chromogenics, SE
Cloudbikes, DK
Cortus, SE
Crystalsol, EE
Danfoss Aquaz, DK
Eniram, FI
Fionia Lighting, DK
Seluxit, DK
Sorbisense, DK
Suntrica, FI

Information and Communication Technologies
2operate, DK
Aito Technologies, FI
Autolog, DK
Azouk, SE
Campfire, DK
Cfengine, NO
Danske Telecom, DK
Enyosoft, DK
Floobs, FI
Interactive Lab Production, DK
HammerKit, FI
Imbera, FI
March IT, DK
Modesat Communications, EE
Movinto Fun, SE
Nabto, DK
Nangate, DK
OctoShape, DK
Safewhere, DK
SmartShare, DK
TextUrgy AS, NO
Third Presence, FI
Timefly Networks A/S, DK
TripSay, FI
Utopian City Scape, DK
Visiarc, SE
Vopium, DK
WebProof A/S, DK
Yooba, SE
Yubico, SE

Life Sciences
Axcentua Pharmaceuticals AB, SE
Bee-patch, DK
BioCis Pharma, FI
Biomodics, DK
Dencore, DK
Entomopharm, DK
Eribis Pharmaceuticals, SE
Inagen, DK
Medichanical Innovation ApS, DK
Moberg Derma, SE
Omegatri, NO
PlexPress, FI
Reapplix Aps, DK
RSP Systems, DK
Serendex ApS, DK
Scibase, SE
TopoTarget, DK

ArcticStartup wishes the best of luck to the companies!

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