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MidemNet Lab, whose winners were just announcned, is the second most important music event after SXSW, according to Kai Lemmetty, co-founder of GigsWiz. GigsWiz happens to be one of the five Finnish companies who took part in the MidemNet Lab startup competition. The competition featured 30 startups from all over the world showcasing their digital music innovations in the areas of mobile applications, industry services (B2B) and consumer services (B2C). Together with GigsWiz, the other Finnish (and also the only Nordic and Baltic companies for that matter) startups were Playmysong, Steam Republic, Geisha Music and SongHi. The only country to have more representatives was the US with 10 finalists. The winners this time round were Jammbox (mobile applications), Next Big Sound (B2B) and Shuffler (Consumer services).

Below are short introductions to the Finnish companies who competed at the event:

Playmysong is the new jukebox, to put shortly. Instead of queueing up at the physical box itself, clients can choose music with their mobile phones and pick their favorite music to play next. Venues pay 299 euros a year for the possibility to have the music service available for their clients with some added premium features.

Steam Republic is a 2009 founded music startup by veterans of digital fan-oriented marketing. The company’s Mobile Backstage aims to create a better way to connect artists with their fans. Not only does the service provide instant communication tools for artists, it offers them a great way to promote and sell content.

Geisha Music is service for collaborative music creation amongst electronic music enthusiasts. The current Soundlab features synthesizer, a sampler, some fun effects and a mini-sequencer. Future versions will enable real time composing between users.

SongHi combines music creation with social game-like elements. SongHi promotes that everyone can make good music as the service eliminates false notes. Songs can be created with an easy grid and a selection of instruments. These songs can then be downloaded as MP3-files or posted to social networks.

GigsWiz is a new way for artists to sell tickets leveraging their existing fan bases. Artists’ needs in terms of selling tickets differ dramatically from those of conference organisers for example and thus the same platforms rarely work well for both parties.

GigsWiz also launched their UK service in Midem into open beta. This enables any promoter or event organiser in the UK to use the platform to sell tickets. I talked to Joonas Pekkanen who is currently in Cannes, taking part in Midem as the co-founder of GigsWiz and he stated that the event has been overall very successful for the Finnish startups. GigsWiz has signed many notable agreements there and Musex has done a great job promoting the Finnish startups.

Even though the Finns weren’t the winners this time round, I can imagine that having such a strong presence there only helped them network and sign more deals.

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