Branding is a fundamental task in every business. You might have a product to sell, but unless and until you don’t develop a brand name for your product it is hard for you to develop recognition for your product.

Needless to say, in a competitive world today your product cannot do well without brand recognition.
There the creation of a brand is a task you need to invest in. This task does not end once you have made a brand for your product, the struggle continues to maintain the brand name as well.

Your business might be small or it might be big, but you have to go through a strategic brand management process that will ensure your brand is recognized and reaches its target audience on the right spots.

In this article, we outline five major lessons that every business should learn and implement on.

To follow through the brand management lessons, the first point is to understand in this brand recognition scenario, where does your business today? Is it in the phase of getting introduced ? or is it in the phase of competing with other brands in the market? Etc. This plays an important role in understanding what your route should be towards your brand management strategy.


This is the first step for a brand manager to invest in. It is important to balance structure and innovation with your brand strategies. This means keeping up with the trends and needs of the time.

Today, brand campaigning is easier with all the data available online. However, using it strategically is the key. Today branding is done virtually as well. For example, companies do much online marketing in Dubai through digital agencies as well through normal means.

The key is proper planning and staying up to date with any modifications needed.

Coca-cola is a company whose brand management strategies were successful. It is important to learn how coca-cola associated the red and white can and made it into a brand image.

That cannot now make blue and white can for the same product, because it’s not about the product it’s the red and white can that people know and recognize and want to buy. This is the brand standard that the companies need to create.


It is important to assign one brand manager for your campaign who can endorse, guide, and manage the campaign. Needless to say, every individual has their mindset and a different style of working, therefore it is disastrous to clash two people with two different ideas and styles of working for devising your brand strategy.

Give this brand ambassador the complete authority to devise strategies for your campaign even if they are not cheap. To ensure that this ambassador can keep the brand elements intact. The brand ambassador must have flexible strategy towards the campaign to face any challenges, for example, a competitor’s similar campaign strategy before yours was launched.


All three elements are very important for your brand. Make sure your brand ambassador trains the employees in his team to understand the strategy, task, and elements. Make communication easy for your team to discuss ideas and make your team lively.

Today due to the pandemic, the brand manager should resort to online strategies, as this is the need for time. Many creative meetings on online marketing Dubai are taking place on virtual platforms like zoom and Skype. It is a good idea to make video presentations for your teams to create motivation and feelings towards the brand.

Storytelling is the new way to encompass the story of the brand to the audiences, clients, or your team. Invest in the necessary skilled employees and resources to achieve the best result for your brand. Telling your brand’s story, having an effective narrator is a strategic way to create brand awareness and loyalty among your customers.


This is very important for your brand. It is your brand’s report card. It tells you where you stand, how hard you need to work, what aspects of the campaign need more effort and attention etc.

Therefore it is necessary to collect, record, and analyze your brand’s growth. Many online platforms provide analytics and reports on your business page about the products, about the customer’s interest and habits, etc.

Study your products, study the market, study your target audience. The more you invest in these reports, the more successful your brand strategy will.


Encourage your customers to get involved in your brand’s story. This gives the customers the feeling that they are a part of something big. Many companies enable reviews and share campaigns where the customer’s involvement is encouraged.

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