46elks' Cloud Communication Platform Now Supports Outgoing Calls

    Arctic15 finalist 46elks has released its Global Voice feature this morning, meaning that applications can receive and make international calls to anywhere in the world through the 46elks cloud communication platform. As part of the total package, 46elks makes it very easy to integrate Voice, SMS & MMS into your applications by providing the API infrastructure and phone numbers behind whatever service you’re building.

    46elks’ updated API now allows developers to build applications that initiate phone calls. This makes it easy for businesses to interact with their customers according to their needs such as setting up phone support for the company, launching call centers, click to call services and more. The company claims to be the only cloud communications platform that doesn’t charge for incoming traffic, and the rates for outgoing calls and sms messages are pay-as-you-go.

    In the near-term future, ‘Cheif Elk’ Pejman Dashtinejad tells us that they plan to release more features in specific European countries. He also tells us that their “API will empower more local and global businesses.” With U.S. cloud computing giant Twilio creeping slowly into Europe, I imagine the 46elks team is working hard to win the hearts, minds, and phone lines of developers all across the continent.