3rd Eye Studios launches in VR

Finnish 3rd Eye Studios launched on Friday its debut VR game Downward Spiral – Prologue, a zero-gravity space thriller for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The core team of the 2016-founded studio comes from Remedy, Unity, Bugbear, Digital Chocolate, Moon Studios and RedLynx.

“Structured as a modern TV series, Downward Spiral: Prologue is the beginning of a space thriller, whose mystery will unravel over time as we release future episodes”, said Kari Koivistoinen, CEO of 3rd Eye Studios. “Built from the ground-up by our team of award-winning industry veterans, Downward Spiral: Prologue offers a space Zero-G experience like no other by allowing players to move freely in a VR environment without motion sickness.”

A prologue for the Downward Spiral anthology series begins as the players find themselves in a capsule that has docked with a space station. On the first exploration, the station appears empty and the players must use control panels to progress and begin unravelling a mystery that will span the Downward Spiral anthology.

In Downward Spiral: Prologue’s Journey mode, play through the story solo or in Co-op mode with a friend or stranger.  Deathmatch, meanwhile, allows up to eight players to experience exhilarating zero gravity gunplay in environments familiar to the story.