3D-Design Market Platform CGTrader Closes Investment with Intel

3D printing is far from being science-fictional these days, quite on the contrary, its evolving as a technique through technological breakthroughs and its one the fastest growing markets out there. 3D printing has shifted from prototypes to actual manufacturing, with companies like Lithuanian CGTrader in the front line to make three dimensional product design globally more available.

Today they announced a closed investment from Intel Capital, which is the tech giant’s first investment in Lithuania. The investment will help the startup company expand and further strengthen their position in the 3-D printing industry.

Intel isn’t the first VC to be attracted by CGTrader’s impressive 3D marketplace platform. In early 2013 Practica Capital, the Lithuanian VC who also participated in the latest fund raise, made a significant investment in CGTrader.

CGTrader’s platform has created a massive 3D community where designers can buy, sell and discover 3D models. The communities friendly environment, peer-support among other forms of interaction, has been praised and blessed by positive feedback. This has helped the platform’s user base grow impressively from less than 1,000 members to an impressive global community and marketplace of over 30,000 3D designer professionals in just a few years. It’s not all about back patting though; the platform contains over 45,000 readily purchasable or downloadable 3D designs.

Marius Kalytis, CEO and founder of CGTrader and 3D designer, has a clear image of what 3D will grow to be and how CGTrader will be a part of it.

“When 3D printing reaches mainstream adoption, 3D models will be used to produce physical products for consumer use. Therefore, 3D content will be the key element of the expanding 3D printing ecosystem. CGTrader empowers designers and creative individuals to develop brilliant product ideas, create high-quality 3D models and deliver them directly to millions of customers – bypassing complicated distribution, storage, and logistics processes”

3D printing is spreading to every corner of every industry, ranging from aerospace to consumer products. It’s no wonder big players like Intel want to be involved as the technology’s future importance is a guaranteed. That’s good news for CGTrader.

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