300mg Announces Public Beta, Joins 500 Startups

    Arctic15 presenter 300milligrams, a priority inbox for team conversations, is opening its beta to the public today. At the same time, the company is also announcing it has joined the 500 Startups accelerator. 300milligrams is a productivity focusing tool that centralizes and prioritizes work-related team conversations into one place.

    “Email, IM, feeds are full of noise,” says founder Mark Kofman, “No wonder you keep missing important team conversations in between off-topic discussions and spam.”

    300milligrams makes noise reduction possible by connecting to productivity and collaboration applications used by your team. All documents, tasks, customer deals, wiki pages and other relevant work artifacts are brought together on a single dashboard in a real-time discussion. Currently, connections with Google Docs, Dropbox, Highrise, Basecamp, Backpack and PivotalTracker are available. Connections to other popular cloud productivity apps will become available throughout the beta period.

    An important factor of 300milligrams is that each conversation must be related to a “work artifact” of your team. For example, this could be a project task, document, presentation or customer. By filing everything into a work related silo, personal messages or the latest viral video does not derail your productivity.