3 Minute Friday Episode 49

This week we’ve got 2 big news from health & medtech and one exciting startup project brought to you by Lufthansa.

Swedish contraceptive app Natural Cycles raises $30 million in Series B to care about women’s health on a global level. Natural Cycles is backed by a unique algorithm that takes your temperature and many other factors like temperature fluctuations and cycle irregularities into account. It currently has 500,000 users. It is certified by the EU and recognised as a regulated contraceptive.

The Swedish company, Cellink has developed a bio 3D printer that is able to print human organs and cells. From ears and noses, all the way to heart cells, which can be used for research purposes. This is an industry that is expected to triple in its value to over 1 billion dollars in just a few coming years and Celling is one of the leaders in the field. The company already has clients from research centers, academic institutions and companies that want to easier and faster test their products.

Carl Walderkranz is a CEO and co-founder of Swedish company Tictail, a social marketplace where freelance designers and small entrepreneurs can create an online shop in seconds. Carl joined a Startup Therapy project by Lufthansa to share his entrepreneurial journey.