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Remember the old joke? “When does it rain money? When there is “change” in the weather.”

Even though it is November, we will not complain about the weather. In fact, we are not going to complain at all. We’ll talk about money and fintech.

Startup of the week

Revolut launched in the Nordics to end the party for big Nordic banks. Revolut is a digital banking app which allows customers to open a current account linked to a mobile app in minutes. Customers can also send free international money transfers, exchange currency and spend fee-free globally with a contactless MasterCard.


Partnership of the week

Stockholm Fintech Hub partners with Helsinki Fintech Farm to give birth to new fintech ecosystem builder. The Nordic Fintech Hub is a pan-Nordic alliance of emerging startups, established financial service providers, banks and other players, such as law firms and consultants. The Hub aims to provide local fintech ecosystems an international network for collaboration, learning, networking and investment.

Funding round of the week

Finnish finance app for millennials Bankify receives 250,000 euro investment from Reech Corporations Group. Bankify app is built around the social sharing economy. It offers users the opportunity to share finances like night out clubbing, or a back-packing trip around the world, or something more mundane like paying rent and utility bills in a shared household.


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