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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

$235 Billion Under Management By Investors Coming To Finland This Week

That’s right, this year we have invited investors from all over Europe and also the world to Arctic15. Just as last year, we wanted to see the numbers and picked up an excel in order to try to see just how much power they got and boy we were surprised.

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Last year, we had €40 billion  sitting on a single panel, this year we are expanding that by a wide margin. This is not a story just about Arctic15 though, it is a story about Finland and the Nordics.

How many other regions can claim that they are able attract these type of investors to the region twice a year, all at the same time? This year we got over 220 investors coming, and with around 400 startups in the room, which makes it one of the best ratios from any event. Fun fact, we were only able to find data for about half of the investors.

As of now, the attendees already scheduled more than 2000 meetings, without counting the speed-dating. The Deal Room will have 45 tables for those meetings, which is more than double from last year and still – several time-slots are completely full already.

We hope that this will mean a lot for the region and that several months down the line, we will start writing a lot of funding stories with an exit here and there. Meanwhile, let’s get ready for Arctic15. If you still do not have tickets, but would like to meet some of the top investors in the world, you can get them here.


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