23 Video Offers New Video Analytics

    Copenhagen-based 23 Video has been providing video sites with a simple service to host and manage everything, on a customer’s own domain, for a simple $675 per month. Customers are allowed an unlimited number of videos and have complete control of the design of the player. The company has always offered analytics, but recently they stepped up their offering to provide greater insight for their customers to figure out exactly how their users are interacting with online videos.

    The analytics release of 23 Video offers detailed playback funnels, tracking of embed sources, and other options that give more detail than the straight view count analytics offered everywhere else. Perhaps the coolest thing about the service is that it tracks the drop off of your videos, letting you know where you can improve your content or set optimal clip lengths.

    Looking at your video analytics also provides historic usage data, easy drill downs on individual clips or domains, and sorting by date, source, length, channel, search and other features.