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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

2.2-million-euro boost for Droppe’s inspiring global expansion from angel investors

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Finland-based Droppe is Europe’s online marketplace for industrial purposes where you can find top-notch manufacturers to buy supplies. Recently, Droppe has spread in Sweden and now set its eyes on Germany. With the expectations of a huge increase in B2B sale interactions soon, investors decided to be angelic about it and helped them expand their business. The seed round led by Lifeline Ventures enables them to raise 2.2 million euros with the participation of angel investors Ilkka Paananen, CEO & Co-founder of Supercell, and Miki Kuusi. The Nordic start-up has already made a hit with over 500 customers’ hearts.

“According to Gartner by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels, such as online marketplaces. Droppe is tapping into this worldwide shift to industrial online marketplaces with their online platform, showing an exceptional promise to do so with their strong growth numbers. As an investor, it is quite rare to see such a well-oiled machine at this stage,” Timo Ahopelto, the Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures, tells.

Finnish Start-up’s one-stop-shop for European industries

Droppe has reached over 30 local sources not only in the Nordic region but also in the European Union. The great deal here is that they guarantee safer online retailing. The marketplace is open for only official importers and original manufacturers. Droppe handles the distribution of European first-class work supplies and protective equipment on its network platform.

The platform functions as a bridge between local businesses and top equipment manufacturers all around Europe. Actually, Droppe has gathered a team just for this purpose. Recently, it has hit 4M€ gross merchandise volume.


Its 500 customers range from SMEs to open corporations. This means from the platform is turning into a marketplace where you can reach the locals and the giants of the industries without giving much effort. Droppe now has the chance to thrive in a much wider open space. The plan is to grow in Sweden and Finland and to reach Germany to explore more. The recent investments will make further expansions happen.

Johannes Salmisaari, the CEO and Co-founder of Droppe, has a word for it. “As industrial wholesale moves online, more and more industrial buyers will be looking for new ways to bulk order products via the internet. Droppe is the first in the market to build a European industrial wholesale marketplace, a mission that we are excited to continue building and expanding with new resources. Our vision is to create a trustworthy community of European buyers and manufacturers and through that, build a stronger European wholesale market.”

What’s new in Droppe

Droppe’s peacekeeper attitude creates a plain space just for the business between manufacturers and buyers in the storm of industrial areas. This niche approach enables its customer to run their business smoothly.

However, there have been still some concerns in industrial buyers’ end to deal with. Because they have been experiencing some difficulties to find an effortless, low-cost way to purchase wholesale and stock the supplies, which they need to operate their business. The online platform now enables buyers to go for bulk orders in need for any purpose.

“Droppe’s online marketplace streamlines the buying process and makes it easier for industrial buyers. Buyers are now able to order directly from multiple manufacturers across Europe at the same time, all on one invoice–something that the industry hasn’t seen before.” Henrik Helenius, Co-founder of Droppe said.


Droppe’s mind is set to connect the whole industry’s participants in no time with the help of their easy-to-use tools.  The local businesses can meet the whole European key suppliers through Droppe’s wholesale online platform. The investors come forward to make it possible to explore new sources for those in need.



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