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The spring batch of a Finnish health accelerator Vertical graduated last Friday. The party at the hub Maria 01 showcased 10 health innovators with ambitious plans for the future to revolutionize the health industry. With the help of Vertical, the startups have developed in versatile different areas but specifically concentrated on three verticals:  product & design excellence, go to market and investor relationships. Working closely with large corporations, Vertical has opened up unique connections and go-to-market channels for their startups. “Where many accelerators focus on fundraising, we focus strongly on go-to-market and getting customers, validating the offering and building value adding services” Vertical’s Co-Founder and Head of Operations Kenneth Salonius describes.

It comes evident that this year’s batch has an increased focus on the utilization of data and digital solutions as Vertical believes that they will transform the healthcare industry. “The digital development will create more equal and easy access to healthcare, but also improve care overall. We will see earlier intervention, better diagnostics and more focused care enabled by digital solutions” Salonius predicts. Similarly the startups of the batch are looking to the future. Let’s discover what kind of gems has Vertical and its mentors coached this year:

Coughing and weird pain in your chest. Have you ever felt the urge to google your symptoms before consulting your doctor? You are not alone. However, too often these type of searches go wrong since search engines struggle to process this kind of complex information. Etsimo’s search tool makes self-assessing your condition more accurate and also evaluates care needs.

What if a robot could make your ice hockey practice even more efficient? Stay alert there all the goalies since you are about to get replaced. Winmill has created a robot with a capacity to pass and shoots pucks. Being equipped with cameras, Winmill analyzes players’ position, movement and speed -carrying providing you with a real-time feedback.

Take a deep breath. Doesn’t it feel good? Unfortunately people suffering from asthma are not as lucky as you are. Shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness are among the symptoms. That’s why Healthzed quantifies and tracks acute asthma attacks, using a clinical grade spirometer.

It is a heartbreaking thought to have absolutely no one to share the best moments of life with. Unfortunately this is reality amongst the elderly since the feeling of loneliness is significantly high in this age group. To tackle the problem, MyXimi’s augmented reality app takes an advantage of cognitive intelligence and gamification. Through individual and collective activities, myXimi’s goal is to help elderly live a more active lifestyle.

With the price of $169, EMtracker hopes to transform the life of elderly. This wearable tracks medical information, the stress levels of seniors and even the reasons behind the stress. The piece of technology improves lives of seniors and their family by detecting location, giving alerts to caregivers and reminding of pill taking. Moreover, Force is working on the development of a forearm cuff with a gesture recognition to improve the communication of deaf.

WIDE has created a software that enables mass customization of digital prosthetics and orhotics available to anyone in all parts of the world. After providing a 3D scan and some measures, you are able to order a customized low cost assistive device.Currently WIDE offers hand prosthesis but is soon launching a low back brace and an arm brace to the market.

Visa Esca
Blaming your busy lifestyle for poor eating habits? This will no longer be a valid excuse since ViaEsca makes eating healthy easier by their home food delivery service. Your custom-made diet is tailored based on your body measurements such as activity, sleep and nutrition. With the help of their application and wearable, you will have a chance to take on an exciting and delicious journey.  

We humans have a strong need to be understood. This becomes even more crucial when going through difficult experiences, for instance when suffering from a severe illness. P2P network makes the everyday of patients smoother by providing them with a support of close ones, other patients and doctors.

Vital Metrix
It has been estimated that congestive heart failure impacts 26 Million people around the world. Vital Metrix provides data that helps you to assess and monitor your heart’s health. Monitoring is made easy since you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, measuring cardiac output is more affordable than ever.

Currently even the most sophisticated ECG machines provide only a very limited amount of data. Instead of prevention, the focus has been heavily on detecting signs of an existing disease. Cardiolyse’s solution tackles this problem by providing the user with quantitative measures to describe heart’s wellbeing. In addition to you, this data can be sent to your doctor, family members, insurance company and other trusted ones.

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