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The Travelling salesman -project will start in only two days. We wrote about this ridiculously cool and ambitious project a while back in September. The kickstart of the journey will be held in the evening of the second day of Slush (21st of October from 4pm onwards), a web/startup oriented conference taking place in Helsinki. You can sign-up to the event in Facebook (disclosure: I will be on the panel).

The Helsinki event in itself will go through the project once more and showcase the different companies affiliated with the project. One has to remember, this project is trying to find the northern most tech startup as well as get stories from the road on how startups do business in the Nordics. To do so, Lawson plans to visit a lot of different university cities.

Not only will the event host some information on the travel and a panel comparing the startup ecosystems in Helsinki and the Valley, but also a startup pitching competition. The winner takes home an XBox sponsored by Microsoft. This is perhaps the easiest it has been to take home an XBox, as there are only a handful of companies pitching at the moment. If you’re interested, do contact Kristoffer Lawson himself.

Do take a look at the travel plan on their website and if you’re in one of the towns, get in touch with Kristoffer. We’re proud to co-operate with the Travelling salesman project and we’ll be periodically covering Kristoffer’s trip on ArcticStartup.

It will be epic.