Øresund Startups 'Open Sources' their News

    A regional startup blog focused on Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg, and Lund has ‘opened sourced’ their news content, allowing other news sites, like ourselves, to republish their content freely. According to Øresund Startups founder Karsten Deppert, what they’re looking for to maximize the amount of information coming out of their region, and to help the nordic startup communities to connect with each other through information.

    “I realized that getting a [publishing] cooperation going that would work and not cause any friction would be hard,” says Deppert on their announcement. “So I decided instead that we should do a cooperation that is ‘one-sided’ – it requires only adjustments from one side to do it, and no deeper coordinations. From that came the idea to make this site, and the articles that we write, ‘open source’.”

    We encourage you to read their announcement and check out their site for more information.

    It doesn’t need to be said that there’s a lot going on in the Øresund region. I traveled down to Copenhagen last week for the Startup Bootcamp investor day and saw the buzz in person, but from Podio to Flattr to cool new tech like AIRTAME, it’s great see a community blog focusing on the day-to-day down south better than our small staff can.

    ArcticStartup covers the whole Nordic and Baltic region, but just by nature of existing in Helsinki we’ve got a skewed “dealflow” of news coming out of Helsinki and Finland in general. But spurred off by this announcement, we’re talking with Swedish Startup Space about how we can best cooperate, meaning our readers will likely see many more stories coming out of greater Sweden region as well. This open sourcing by Deppert was designed to be a catalyst, and it looks like things are moving together in our region already.

    The theme of this week is going to be on the Øresund Region, with new content from Øresund Startups and a deeper look at the key players and movers of the region. Stay posted!