How we vision working in a company

At ArcticStartup, we do not want to create a hierarchy that you spend 40 years trying to get to the top of. We also do not want to be a place that you “have to go to” and do not enjoy. We want to create a community of smart individuals, friends, that want to help make the world a better place through their activities. This is a place where anyone should be able to follow and achieve their dreams.

In practice, that means that we support our employees to pursue their dreams, start companies with our help (without having to risk leaving ArcticStartup), test ideas and a lot more.

  • Dmitri Sarle

    Dmitri Sarle
    CEO a.k.a. Not The Boss

    Intelligent, Ubiquitous and Determined

  • Jan Ameri

    Jan Ameri
    Events, media, consultation and new business development and partnerships.

    Curious, kind and straightforward

  • Janina Salo-Glasemann

    Janina Salo-Glasemann
    Executive Producer for Media Honeypot aka Production Despot

    Courageous, stubborn and direct

  • Romain Baret

    Romain Baret
    Social Media Guru and Sales Specialist

    Trustworthy, thoughtful and creative

  • Joppe Quaedvlieg

    Joppe Quaedvlieg
    Chief Of Happiness

    Inspiring, resourceful and astute

  • Maija Kopola

    Maija Kopola
    Media Advisor

    Vivid, perseverant and indulgent

  • Marija Odineca

    Marija Odineca
    Writer covering the Baltic region

    In news and copywriting, adjectives are distractive. Avoid them.

  • Sven Rösch

    Sven Rösch
    The sales lead responsible for both AS partnerships and the AS sales organisation

    Kind-hearted, diplomatic and resilient

  • Susanna Joki

    Susanna Joki
    Partnership Manager

    Empathic, curious and enthusiastic

  • Tarmo Virki

    Tarmo Virki
    Editor in Chief a.k.a. The Journalist

    Thoughtful, jolly and productive.

  • Xenia Chimacovscaia

    Xenia Chimacovscaia
    Management assistant

    Sassy, kind and adventurous

  • Bac Le

    Bac Le
    Writing intern

    Detailed orientated, humble, fun

  • Taru Ryske

    Taru Ryske
    Project Manager, Customer Relations

    Compassionate, witty and relaxed

  • Juha Sälli

    Juha Sälli
    Sales Intern

    Curious, friendly, productive

  • Jelena Nikkarinen

    Jelena Nikkarinen
    Project assistant

    I secretly plot to veganize the world

  • Valerie Vlasenko

    Valerie Vlasenko
    Editor, PR & Inspiration

    Aesthete, mindful, epicurious