Practica invests into marketplace for beauty professionals

Practica Capital tells us they've now invested into, a Lithuanian online marketplace that allows users to find make-up artists, nail art, hairdressing, and other beauty specialists by digging into their "looks", video lessons, and reviews to book appointments. It sounds like what Stockholm's Vint is doing for personal training, Tokia is trying to do for beauty services. Vint raised $1.8 million in seed funding, but who knows where Toika is on that spectrum.

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Brainwave readers or Wi-Fi detectors? Walkbase lands at Helsinki-Vantaa

How would you feel if your phone’s Wi-Fi was secretly being followed around the airport?

However it makes you feel, you better get used to it, because it’s about to happen anyway.

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Denmark's Brain+ puts learning back into games

Your average smartphone game might challenge your reflexes, memory, and use up a little of your brain's processing power to figure out how to attack that base, but realistically plenty of games out there are mindless. Now a Danish app launched globally helps out its users with attention, memory, problem solving and planning by putting out challenging minigames developed by brain scientists from the University of Copenhagen.

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Orbit: Norwegian Artificial Intelligence as a Service

If you happen to be a Norwegian, Danish or Swedish journalist or any other type of content rich text manager, you’ll want to pay close attention to Orbit.

Orbit is a new startup from Norway which just launched a unique text analysis technology platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and understand languages (in their case that would currently be Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, though more are sure to follow). Orbit aims to facilitate the integration of background context, leaving the journalist more time and energy to focus on producing better content for their articles.

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New Latvian VC FlyCap leads Mailigen's $500 000 Seed Fund for advanced Email Marketing

Double announcement from the Baltics: The new player in the Latvian VC sector, FlyCap, kicked off its portfolio with a half a million seed investment in fellow landsman start up Mailigen. The round was led by FlyCap with participation from investors from Europe, Asia and the US. According to FlyCap's website (only in Latvian) the firm is investing from a €10.5 fund.

The round will oil up Mailigen’s development machinery, which aims to produce more innovative marketing features and to create a one stop marketing platform for companies to automate their campaign strategies. In-depth data analysis, event management, responsive email templates, mobile version of the platform and video integration are just some of improvements Mailigen is after in the course of 2014.

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CrowdCurity Raises $1 Million to Crowdsource Security for Bitcoin Startups

For many hacked-together startups, security is an afterthought. But for bitcoin-related startups, and other companies where money is moving through their system, security is a make-it or break-it factor. There are plenty of white-hat security firms out there that will run some tests on your project, but you're relying completely on one firm. To help startups run more of a bug-bounty program (like what Google and the other big companies do) and to make security more accessible, Denmark-founded Crowdcurity crowdsources these security tests and just announced it has raised $1 million.

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What these Alcohol apps say about the Nordic countries

You can find good insight about a country's alcohol culture by digging through their app store. In the Nordic countries, independent developers have gifted their programming prowess to help their fellow countrymen navigate the government's control of alcohol in order to help import it into the country, find the best deals, or just to find the nearest store.

On this slow news day, we've gone through the app store to help our readers find apps to improve their lives.

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FIN-FSA Cracks Down On Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Editor's note: At the end of June while everyone was preparing for summer holidays, the FIN-FSA regulatory body published its new guidelines for equity crowdfunding in Finland, which were near opposite what they presented only a month before that. This sudden change in new guidelines have a huge impact on Finland's crowdfunding industry, which in many ways has been at the forefront of the world's equity crowdfunding scene. Below is a guest post by Antti Hemmilä of Attorneys at law Borenius, who has previously written for us on crowdfunding here.

During the last few years, equity crowdfunding has been a fast growing activity in Finland and in the rest of Europe. Equity crowdfunding has proved to be an attractive funding option for entrepreneurs. While still in the pioneering stage, the largest Finnish equity crowdfunding platforms Invesdor and Venture Bonsai alone claim that approximately EUR 3.5 million of funding has been raised via their platforms. Until now, the Finnish crowdfunding platforms have been operating on the widely accepted consensus that they act as a “media”, and thus no regulated financial services are provided.

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Swedish Swiftcourt Takes the Step Towards the Future of Online Justice

Imagine you, as an individual, purchase a car for €5000 from a private person. Money changes owner, so does the car, but before you know it, the car breaks down and turns out it’s nothing the vendor has promised it to be. Worst yet, the vendor refuses to pay you your money back.

Another example. Imagine your company signs a contract worth €5000 with another company (sound more familiar?). Contract agreements are not met and boom, a full blown dispute is at your hands, along with a million other things you need to worry about since you're running a business.

In cases such as these, and cases below €20 000 in general, the incentive to go to court is low. Why? Because the law is insufficient or unavailable when smaller amounts are involved. Besides the shallow legal protection, it’s worth noting that taking a dispute to court is excruciatingly time and energy consuming, and very expensive. Well, unless you give Swiftcourt a try.

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Danish Cetrea Acquired for €12 million by Swedish Med Tech Giant Getinge

Big acquisition news from Denmark: healthcare information technology supplier Cetrea has been acquired by Swedish medical tech giant Getinge and as a result, the Danish startup will be integrated into Getinge under the Maquet brand. The acquisition price amounted to SEK 110 million, which translates to approximately €12 million. 

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Airdog breaks $1 Million to become most successful Latvian crowdfunded project

With about 2 days left on their kickstarter campaign, AirDog, the Latvian auto-follow videography drone that allows extreme sports enthusiasts to film their moves, has reached its 3rd stretch goal on Kickstarter, surpassing the mark of $1 million. This exceeds team’s initial estimates more than five times and makes AirDog the most funded Latvian startup on Kickstarter.

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Wine app Vivino hits milestone of 5 million users

Denmark's wine app, Vivino, has just hit the nice round milestone of 5 million users who are snapping pictures of their wine bottles to rank what they've drank. We've covered the company a few times in the past, but if you're just now hearing about them, the app uses computer vision to figure out what bottle and vintage of wine you're drinking, where you can rank it yourself and find more information and rankings about the wine.

Moving 5 million app downloads isn't bad, especially since users seem to be busy within the app. According to their about page statistics, users have made 13,391,897 ratings, and have done 3,488,092 written reviews.

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The Walking Dead is coming from Finland

Shambling out of the darkness, moaning in creeping horror as it steps in to the light, comes the announcement of a new mobile game based on The Walking Dead TV series from US television network AMC. Next Games, based in Helsinki, Finland, and developers of the game, are celebrating the news by publishing the first promotional trailer which you'll find after the jump.

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Ever wish your Android device had more buttons? Check out Dimple

When we buy our new smartphone, we usually compare several models matching our desired characteristics. Then we spend some time browsing user reviews, talking to people using the gadgets, get our hands on some physical devices to play around with and finally make our choice. However, if you are like most of us, a week, a month or sometimes even years later you end up with a feature you absolutely love but that is ridiculously inconvenient to access.

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Do Mobile Wallets need to band together?

A sign of a developing ecosystem is when startups start getting built on top of other startups as a service. For example, Groupon-style startups got brought together under Denmark's Bownty, Quantitative Self startups are supposed to be brought together under Health Puzzle, and so on. Mobile wallets have long been popping up, and now can be brought together under Lithuania's WoraPay, if the company uses it's fresh €400,000 raise by Israel's Entrée Capital correctly.

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Google Acquires Helsinki Based drawElements for 8 Figures

Yet another exit for the Nordics. The normally slow summer is turning into a shopping spree by the big players as the Helsinki based drawElements is acquired by Google. The exact amount behind the transaction is not disclosed but we have narrowed it down to eight figures, which is definitely a great achievement for the founders in their 20's and for Finland in general.

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$5 million Series B Funding Drove E-commerce Solution Ecwid to Form Partnerships

Thinking of setting up store in the world wide web? Sure why not, pretty much everyone’s doing it these days.

Not so fast though. Integrating an e-commerce solution is a big thing, as it can be costly, time consuming to mount and it would be beneficial if it stood out from the thousands of others online stores, which in turn might require customization via plug-in (also potentially costly stuff).

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Jens Nylander, Swedish Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Automile, has Succeeded Through Failure

Some businesses fail, others flourish, but mostly they fail. That would be generally speaking of course, and figures do change depending on the industry, but it’s a well known fact that a significant portion of start ups will be filtered out within the first four years of their existence.

But you can’t win unless you try.

That mentality of perseverance is what I suppose has been dictating Jens Nylander’s, along with many others’, journey as an entrepreneur. Nylander is a Swedish serial entrepreneur who’s lived through an utter business failure, a success story and now the milestone of becoming father to his third Swedish startup company, Automile.

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ACTIVE Venture Partners Appoints two New Team Members after Busiest month to date

It's been a hot, yet immeasurably valuable month of July for us all, undoubtedly due to the relaxing effect of the summer sun which recharges our internal batteries after a long winter. However, for venture capital firm ACTIVE Venture Partners, last month has been more than just recharging batteries. In fact, its been all about breaching corporate milestones and expanding as a company: to culminate their most active month in their history as a VC firm, ACTIVE has appointed two new members to its team, Sebastian Blum and Georg Stockinger.

The announcement comes after a month of heavy investing, during which Active Venture Partners has led funding rounds for Spanish startups Traity ($4.7 million) and Percentil ($1 million) as well as Swedish app for anglers, Fishbrain ($2.4 million). 

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Meet the company that's crowdsourcing Lapland

Despite being a harsh wilderness with no room but to the toughest flora and fauna, Lapland is also home to unique landscapes filled with overwhelming natural beauty, yet to be fully touched by the destructive hands of mankind.

So how about buying yourself a piece of Lapland?

Sounds crazy? It’s not. Even more so, it’s relatively cheap as well, if you do the purchase through Geocollectors.

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