Estonian Taxify Releases Hockey Stick Growth Stats, Launches in Latvia, Aims for US

Those of us who live in Finland will be familiar with the more than exaggerated prices associated with taxis, but on the southern side of the Gulf of Finland thrives another kind of taxi culture, one that is so casual that it has a strong demand for taxi applications.

Let me introduce you with Estonian Taxify (former mTakso), an application that connects everyone from short notice travelers to unsuccessful designated drivers with their local taxi service.

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Verkossa Media Announces Acquisition by Fonecta

Verkossa Media, Finland’s largest independent advertising network, announced today that it has been acquired by Fonecta Enterprise Solutions. The deals value wasn’t disclosed.

The entire business of Verkossa Media, including all of its employees while excluding the company’s CEO Lasse Hyyti, will move under the service of Fonecta Enterprise Solutions on the 1st of March 2014.

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Capidea becomes majority shareholder in Xstream

Capidea recently announced they had invested in video management software company, Xstream - the premium provider of OTT and TV service everywhere. The sum of the investment remains disclosed, but was large enough to establish Capidea as the firm’s majority shareholder, and subsequently new owner. The Danish private equity fund now owns slightly more than 50% of Xstream: clearly a major stake.

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Nordic Semiconductor reshaping strategy thanks to maker movement

Crowdfunding has changed a lot of things, but it's also changing how chipset manufacturers are tailoring their products. Nordic Semiconductor hasn't been a startup for some time - they're trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange. But they're watching how the hardware scene has been evolving, and they've noticed they can't be targeting their chips to only traditional manufacturers. Crowdfunding has taken over the most exciting section of hardware startups, and in return Nordic Semiconductor has started tailoring their strategy in response with a SDK that allow makers and large organizations to prototype low power bluetooth ideas rapidly.

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Finnish Creoir Launches Design Orientated Concept Smartwatch In Barcelona's MWC

One of the reasons major smartwatch manufacturers are still in the process of learning to fly is their uncertainty in finding a balance between functionality, looks and futuristic innovation. While it’s cool to have a watch that can do all kinds of things like take pictures, play music and read emails, smart watches tend to be bulky in appearance which undermines the practical benefits they offer.

Oulu based Creoir provides hardware and software design and engineering services across all phases of product development. Their latest creation, the Ibis dual face smartwatch, takes a long step towards a more design orientated tech watch in order to gain consumer attraction. Crafted from crystal and stainless steel, the watch undeniably emits an aura of elegance that can make any feminine hand into a real eye-catcher.

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With NHL Player as Investor, Finnish HVO aims for the U.S.

Finnish startup HVO developed a website where finding a body health professional is simple and easy to find; type in a keyword and your region and a list of service providers pops up. In addition to reviews you can also check if there’s any appointments available, all from the website. As an appointment booker for health professionals, it sounds similar to Finnish-founded and now San Francisco-based BetterDoctor.

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Clue: An app tapping into a global need

Editor’s note: This article was condensed from the original Øresund Startups post.

Tackling a global issue is monumental task. It also opens up a global market and presents opportunities for really rewarding results. For Ida Tin, founder and CEO of Clue, working to change the way the world manages family planning, the launch of the fertility tracking app into the Danish market was another step towards realising that change. Chatting with Ida last week, we got some feedback on the launch, and her insights into how achieve success in entrepreneurship.

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Norwegian Rubrikk sees growth in classified portals

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Elance.

Rubrikk is a Norwegian start up in the online classified advertising market. Not content with making waves only in Norway they have sought to branch out and grow their business into a number of countries. We got in touch with Adil Osmani and Sigbjørn Rivelsrud its co-founders to ask them how they’ve managed to do so successfully.

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Introducing the Top 25 Nordic CleanTech Startups

In the midst of such a shockingly abnormal winter as this, which I cannot help but connect with a certain inconvenient truth, I find peace of mind in seeing a list of the 25 best Nordic cleantech startups out there. Their contributions towards a greener way of life are sometimes domestically practical and in some cases largely industrial, but most of all they show us how cleantech can make a crucial difference in the quality of our future.

The list is a result of the third edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open competition in which 107 cleantech companies from the Nordic region were evaluated by a jury of 50 members from influential multinational companies and VC’s.

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Melodigram think pictures need some noise

Finnish start up Minus Degree believe that in many ways we’ve lost the personal touch when it comes to sharing online. We may continue to do it privately through WhatsApp or Snapchat, but on public platforms like Facebook and Twitter we’ve become more comfortable sharing other people's content or retweeting than we have in expressing something of our own thoughts and feelings. Melodigram is an attempt to bring the emotion back in what they hope will be a new, fun way.

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With Tradeshift's $75 million raise, Copenhagen should embrace its unsexiness

When talking about European startup hotspots, the Top Ten lists seem to skip over Copenhagen. In Wired's recent list, they hit London, Berlin, and in our neighborhood, Stockholm and Helsinki, but there's something about Copenhagen that makes their startups or scene easy to skip over. As a writer, it's pretty easy to see why. Copenhagen is full of B2B companies and B2B isn't sexy or fun to write about.

Maybe it's just me, but Copenhagen and Berlin give off similar vibes. Both have very liberal attitudes and art seems to permeate life. With that in mind it makes sense that Berlin's startups come from this sort of environment - the city's full of social startups that seem more like art projects designed to hook into our social consciousness for the sake of it, rather than any plan to make money in the short term. For the tech press they're easy to write about (and remember) because as end-users ourselves, we can generally see the benefits and advantages of these startups better than invoicing platforms.

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Finnish Angels and VC's Release Their 2013 Stats

Editor's Note: The last paragraph has been changed to reflect that the €994 million is not in fact the value of exits. It is the total number of investments that have exited, the exit value is likely to be higher.

The Finnish Business Angel Network (FiBAN) and Finland’s Venture Capital Association (FVCA) released their collected statistical data on investments made into early stage growth companies in 2013 by private investors and VC companies.

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Stepsie walks into the project management market

How a bunch of Australians and an Italian ended up owning and running a company based in Estonia I do not know, however that company has today opened its doors to the public and we’ve been invited in to take a look around. So come meet Stepsie, a project management application that aims to tackle its creators problems with Basecamp, a competing app.

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AppCampus Kicks Off Four New Apps at the Mobile World Congress

Aalto University’s prominent Microsoft and Nokia funded mobile application acceleration program AppCampus will present four of its latest apps in the Mobile World Congress which kicked off yesterday in Barcelona.

The event will be home for more than 1,700 exhibitors for the next 3 days.

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Helsinki's Kippt gets a logo in HBO's Silicon Valley

As HBO's new TV show, Silicon Valley, starts thinking about airing some episodes, there's going to be a new level of 'making it' for entrepreneurs - in hopefully a satirical sense. The show is trying to wedge its way into Silicon Valley life as close as possible by referencing real companies as much as possible.

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Two new speakers, Two-for-One tickets ending very soon!

While much of the received wisdom in startup circles is "don't dwell on the exit, too much can happen before now and then", we still want to put people up on stage that have been there before, and know the ins and outs of the process. That's why today we're proud to announce two new speakers for our conference Arctic15: Exit Path. Going up on stage we've got Julie Meyer and Lena Romanova.

Before you read on further, we have to remind you that we've got an awesome deal on tickets - two for one - which is running out super soon. So grab that colleague or friend, and head on over to our ticket page where we'll get you sorted out. We're looking forward to seeing you May 27 and 28th!

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Finland's 'AirBNB for Events' raises €125,000 Seed to become 'Amazon for Events'

Ok, the top image was a joke when the company was looking for a new office space, but with a new funding, Venuu seems like a Finnish company that has legs. They're doing something simple - AirBNB style bookings for event venues, but by putting together high quality information about event locations and making it easy to book, the Finnish company has seen solid growth since launching after AaltoES's Summer of Startups last year. Today they announce €125,000 in seed funding led by Reaktor Polte, with one other angel investor onboard.

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Adcash Exceeds €25M Turnover, Goes On a Hiring Spree

Editor's note: This is a sponsored job posting, but please help support ArcticStartup by passing this on to your friends looking for work.

When we discovered Adcash, which is now one of the fastest growing and most promising startups in the Baltics, we knew that we were onto something. They were aiming for €25 million turnover for 2013, had over 40 employees and were #80 on Alexa ranking.

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Malmö Self Defense experts get into App Development

We rely on our phones for many things, but what about when you're walking down a dark street and are confronted by a bad guy? We've seen a few apps come out of local entrepreneurs, such as recently Finland's BiiSafe button and earlier Norway's bSafe app (no relation), but a few Malmö-based self defense experts new to the tech scene have taken a fresh approach to helping you use your phone in moments when you need it most.

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Largest Startup Acquirer in Finland, Fonecta, Starts Investing

Fonecta, the Finnish directories business that was founded in 2002, is known to be the largest acquierer in Finland. With a turnover of around 190 million euro, they understood that the directories business is not exactly a growing industry so M&A became a core strategy in keeping up with market developments. So as a result, in the past ten years, they have purchased over 70 companies from various industries.

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