Is Facebook the perfect tool for contracts?

In the realm of freelancing it seems that paperwork and the legal gymnastics required to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s is one of the most painful and frustrating parts of the job. Arturs Kirtovskis and Karlis Bikis, two of the four man team from Latvia behind Officialize.It think they have come up with a way to simplify the process and take the pain and hassle out of forming a contract.

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Alumni Relations Modernized by Latvian Alumniplus

While Facebook didn't exactly "create" the term social media, it certainly did bring it to mass attention. Ever since its birth, the world wide web has emerged a broad variety of social media services specified for different target demographics. A few quick examples that pop into my mind would be LinkedIn for business networking, the hugely popular teen web site Habbo (which comes from Finland by the way) and image enthusiastic Pinterest.

Alumniplus will be jumping into the category of target group specific social networking sites, and as the name suggests, they're going after the university alumni all around the world.

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Roundup of the first #CPHFTW meetup

Today the first meet up, the first town hall meeting, for the Copenhagen startups scene was held at Børsen in Denmark.

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The Estonian Safety Bracelet that Detects Stumbling Elderly

When you're young you trip and fall, it's not such a big deal. You simply get up with maybe a nasty bruise if you're unlucky, and move on with your life. For the elderly, this couldn't be any less true. A single tumble can be a matter of life and death.

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Announcing Timo Ahopelto as Speaker at Arctic15

Taking a look at the LifeLine Ventures portfolio companies, you can see Partner Timo Ahopelto knows Finland's startups. In the web sector they've invested in ThingLink, Playmysong, and IndoorAtlas. In Gaming, they've put money in Applifier, Uplause, Grand Cru, and Supercell, and in Health you've heard of Valkee, Mendor, and BetterDoctor.

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Oslo Startup Community to vote on a Hashtag

Following the hype surrounding #STHLMtech, #CPHFTW, and #EstonianMafia, Oslo hopes to get its act together. After some prodding from the Sillicon Valley the networking lobbyist group for Nordic startups, Silicon Vikings, Startup Norway have taken it upon themselves to get people to vote on a hashtag for the Oslo startup community after deeming the catchall hashtag for Norway should be #Tech_NO.

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TechHub Riga moves to new home

Spending any time down in the startup scene in Riga, Latvia you're bound to hear people talking about TechHub Riga, the coworking space at the center of Riga's recent startup boom. Just last week, TechHub moved even closer to the center of Riga, quite literally, taking their location from a short walk outside the city center into right into the old town.

Read more » Hits 100 Million Users, the Latvian based social network that only let's you post when you are asked a question reached the 100 million users milestone last Monday. Since then, they have grown to 104 million users, as you can see on their page. They also announced that over 25 billion answers have been answers on the site to date, with over 1 billion being answered a month. That makes it one of the biggest social networks in the world, and they are just around the corner.

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Sweden Is Collecting the Most Creative Ideas for Independent Game Devopers

Many game developers and companies choose the safe route of releasing games which follow a well known pattern. Exceptional games, on the other hand, stand out because they break this cycle; They become widely popular thanks to unseen plots, game mechanisms and ways to win, with which they offer completely new angles from which to enjoy the gameplay.

One of my latest favorites in this category was The Last of Us by Naughty Dog, a console game tinted with dark realism which took the entire gaming community by surprise with its skillfully constructed script.

Being different can bring success, but there are no rules that says new games should always bring something new to the table.

This being said, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have more fresh approaches towards games but the issue seems to be both lack of inspiration and courage to try something new.

How to facilitate inspiration and who's to do it?

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AddSearch adds Twitter to in-site search

Helsinki-based AddSearch's thesis is that the standard Google-powered search for websites basically sucks. As they start adding more and more features to their product, you can see that no one really has looked at what features or material should be included in in-site search.

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Is Spotify finding its identity after $100 Million EchoNest acquisition?

Should Spotify be a full-featured social platform or should it just be and API and library for others to develop off of?

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Finnish Nightlife Application Yossa Takes On Barcelona

Matti Lammisalo, unlike most Finns, hasn’t been flying to Spain on a regular basis only to participate in over-the-top partying. After many business trips, he recently moved to the Catalonian capital to open office for his company’s brand new Spanish branch, which aims to market and develop the Yossa nightlife app. Used by a growing thousands of Barcelonian clubbers and cocktail enthusiasts, the app’s launch in Spain this March was success story for a social Finnish app with now deals with 27 clients in Spain, including 20 big clubs.

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Next Games and AMC team up for mobile The Walking Dead game

Part of the next generation of Finnish gaming is Next Games - founded by design veterans from Rovio, Supercell, and Disney. The company hasn't shared much about anything since banding together in 2013, but now Next Games has announced it will be creating a mobile game based on AMC's The Walking Dead TV show.

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There is More To Targeting Than Just Cookies: Adtile Weather Ads

IIn the world of today, advertising is everywhere. What is more, advertisers are doing their best to be as accurate as humanly possible in tracking down exactly who you are. They do so in order to make their ads more “relevant” and hopefully increase the probabilities of you purchasing their products.

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Tallinn Hosts The Estonian ICT Week This April

Estonian political bodies as well as the private sector are have been putting a lot of emphasis into the ICT sector, part of building startup momentum

Last month alone Estonia gained much startup momentum with the rise of the new tech hardware-only accelerator BuildIt and the equally hardware affiliated Garage48 event, which became the most successful of its kind to date.

The next month of April (23-30) will see the Estonian capital of Tallinn swarming with tech folks as the city will be hosting the international information and communication technology week.

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Incentive announces new round of funding, hints at IPO this summer

The Malmö-founded social intranet startup Incentive announced that they will open for a new round of funding, to a total of no more then € 1.1 M (10 M SEK). A third of the amount is already signed, the rest is just made available, at a € 6.7 M pre-money valuation.

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Later App wedges into a broad category

iPhone users - do you actually use the built-in reminder app that Apple gives you? Or do you set reminders though iCal? I noticed I don't, it just doesn't fit into my workflow (as much as I need reminders in my day to day life), and after talking to the Latvia-based Later App guys I realized I'm not alone.

But as a business decision, why enter the reminder space? It's heavily contested already with Apple's built-in products, and since they're dead simple to make, they're almost a dime a dozen like weather apps, for instance. "Reminders are big, says Davis Siksnans, co-founder of Later App. "Down the road we want to make more apps, but we wanted to go into this big category and see where it goes from there."

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Acquisition between photo service retailers means changes for Lahti imaging Accelerator

Editor's Note: Dmitri Sarle, the CEO of ArcticStartup is a mentor at Nestholma.

A battle between two major Finnish photographic-service retailers, which has been raging for the last 40 years, reached an end this week. The Lahti based photo shop, Eirikuva, has been acquired by Ifolor, Finland's largest photograph products manufacturer and retailer. They will be keeping the Ifolor brand in the process and the Eirikuva's production activities in Lahti will cease.

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Jumpstarter sees good initial traction with Developers

One of the more hyped companies still in stealth last year was Omnicloud - which rebranded to Jumpstarter as they announced a raise of €1.3 million and launched their private beta last fall. The service provides a one-stop shop to simplify getting new web projects online.

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Zero Turnaround Closes $6 million In Funds Within Two Months and Seeks 40 New Employees In Boston Area

Since the introduction of Java programming as a language in 1996, developers have stumbled over and over again into practical obstacles that turn the essential, which is plain coding, into teeth grinding sit downs where headaches and bright ideas come to life.

One of the many programming related problems emerged with Java code with which developers have had to write the code on their own machines and then upload their code to remote servers for testing.

In 2006, Jevgeni Kabanov found a way to address Java’s core problem – the redeployment bottleneck.

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