Minimum Viable Christmas - Friday 6pm, Helsinki

For most part of the year, the startup community is hard at work. So hard, in fact that any occasion or an event, social or not, is somehow related to work. This year, we want to break that tradition a little bit and invite everyone for a nice Christmas party together. Get your tickets fast.

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Nokia, Jolla, Eve Tech: The Finnish Tablets

We have written previously that Finland was going through the five stages of grief when it comes to Nokia, and I think we have just reached 'acceptance'. People and companies are moving on and looking at what to do next, not surprisingly some are going after the same markets. For instance there is now three companies doing tablets. If this is the right type of acceptance or not - time will tell. Perhaps it's the cold.

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Band On the Web launches producer finding tool

I suppose a good music producer is like a good startup mentor - you just might pay to get a good one. With that in mind Oulu, Finland based NetSono has launched a producer finding tool to their beta-launched platform for bands, Band on the Web, that aims to hook you up with an experienced person behind the Soundboard for feedback and potential collaboration.

The producer service is launched with Finnish household names Leri Leskinen, Hiili Hiilesmaa, Riku Pääkkönen and Jussi Jaakonaho who have worked with bands like HIM and Nightwish to the highly popular Vain Elämää (the Finnish version of the TV format The Best Singers).

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Everplaces restructures - Tine Thygesen leaves as CEO

Tine Thygesen has announced that she is leaving Everplaces. In a post she announced the decision, and also that Everplaces will split into two different startups, one with a B2C focus and one with a B2B focus.

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After 100,000 iPad downloads, Curator launches for iPhone

Evernote does a lot of things well- I’m writing the draft of this story in Evernote, for instance. But it can’t be all things to all people, especially for creatives that think and record more visually than a word-based interface.

Stockholm-based Curator was designed to be that visual grid where you can bring in those websites, text, and images together, sort of like a private Pinterest more built around your notes. While the app was only first launched a year ago on iPad, it’s gathered good momentum hitting over 100,000 downloads an has reached the top 10 productivity apps in 76 countries around the world.

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Will you be remembered after Slush?

Slush has grown to such a large conference that in order to be memorable, you need to stand out. To help our Arctic Startups succeed and we republished our Hacking Conferences article by Dmitri Sarle, who took on Dublin Web Summit this year like a pro. Yet we still see a wide gap in the degree to which startups are prepared for #Slush14 and are successful at getting their word out.

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TechHub Riga doubles its size with a new chairman and 5 more announcements

On Friday Nov 21 TechHub Riga hosted its opening event. Latvia's central startup hub has moved into a new bulding, twice the size of their previous office and able to fit in around 150 people. Among other announcements, Andris Berzins is stepping down as TechHub chairman and letting Ernests Stals take over the lead. Ernests is a logical choice, considered he was at the inception of what is now TechHub Riga as once started as Open Coffee Club and later grew into regular startup evenings. In addition, another member is joining the board of TechHub Riga - Raimonds Kulbergs, who left Big 4 consulting to build Funderful, the startup behind TechHub Riga fundraising campaign.

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Touring bands hit the Sharing Economy with Sharingear

As evidenced by yesterday's article on Sharetribe, the "sharing economy" is going everywhere. One new startup now out of Copenhagen's Startupbootcamp is Sharingear, sort of an AirBNB for touring equipment that should make it a lot easier for bands to hit the road and make some money.

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Fieldly goes international to help construction workers worldwide

A lot seems to be happening on the tech side in construction work industry. Recently GenieBelt announced that they would be launching worldwide. Now Fieldly, a startup that works with helping field workers keeping track of progress and project management, has announced their first costumers outside their home-base, Sweden.

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Sharetribe picks up $1 million from Lifeline & Reaktor

Over Slush, Sharetribe announced that they've picked up a solid $1 million from Finnish kingmaker VC Lifeline Ventures, Reaktor and Tekes giving them good cash to support their platform which allows anyone to run peer-to-peer marketplaces for buying, selling, or renting goods.The company's platform has seen good growth lately, used from everything from peer-to-peer surfboard rentals to helping find caretakers for pets. Previoulsy Sharetribe raised money from Reaktor Polte and Tekes, the Finnish government funding agency.

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Just in time for Christmas, Tinggly takes on the global "experiences gift" market

What do you value more? An experience, or a physical gift? Chances are you've already got enough stuff in your apartment, and what you'd appreciate doing something fun and exciting instead. As a startup founder and curator of experiences, it makes sense that I met Tinggly founder Linas Ceikus at the Surf Summit, an after-event from the Dublin Web Summit taking 100 entrepreneurs out to the west coast of Ireland for surfing and other adventures.

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The ArcticStartup Guide To Sales & Pipedrive

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post by Pipedrive.

Sales is a bit of an involuntary passion of mine. Partially because I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, my mother was one when it was virtually banned in the USSR, partially because I somehow ended up doing sales for most of my life.

When it comes to sales, there was pretty much everything: real estate sales, retail sales, online sales, corporate sales, cold calling and my favourite - door to door sales.

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Disco Fingers is a music creation app that doesn't hold back

As someone that can't really play an instrument, I can get lost in music apps that helps you easily make catchy beats like you somehow know what you're doing. That's the fun part of Disco Fingers, a newly released iPad app that lets you crunch out tunes, throw in some voice filters, and share them with the community or your friends.

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Top 10 Startups Ready To Expand To The UK

We have written several times about startups choosing London as their second base or moving there entirely. It is a logical step for many from the region.

To assist them in this process, there is the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), a commercial arm of the UK government. Their goal is to basically help UK based companies succeed internationally, while attracting international companies to set-up base in the UK. They typically hold consultation sessions, events, participate in the local startup scene in order to show companies what their options and opportunities are.

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Apple opens new development office in Lund

Last week it became known that Apple established a new R&D unit in Lund. The office space is suitable for about 10 people and has been operational for a few weeks now, reports Rapidus. The confirmation of Apple’s moving in came from the property owner Vasakronan, Anna Stenkil.

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Sayduck raises €350,000 to augment your reality

Catching up with funding news, the folks over at Sayduck announced over Slush that they've picked up €350,000 for their augmented reality solution targeting the furniture industry. This past January the company also raised a €350,000 seed, suggesting they had to burn a little more equity before a proper series A, but their solution is cool enough that they should be the ones bridging the gap between online retail and the real world. This latest round of funding should bring some good connections to the company, led by Arteel Ventures as well as Finnish media house A-lehdet, Finnish Design Shop founder Teemu Kiiski and Matteo Alessi among others.

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What conferences have the best internet? Rotten WiFi crunches the numbers

For startup folks at conferences, WiFi is our lifeline letting us get some work done during talks, stay posted with the buzz around the event, and gives us piece of mind that our servers aren't destroyed when we're distracted with networking. You don't really notice WiFi when it works, but you sure as hell notice when it doesn't.

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Startupbootcamp Copenhagen ups the game with this year's batch

Last night entrepreneurs and investors piled into Copenhagen's third oldest church repurposed into an event space to see what's come out of Startupbootcamp Copenhagen's latest batch. Host Lars Buch started off the program by saying this was the most mature group they've had so far, and by the looks of the companies Startupbootcamp has managed to gather some good talent from as far as Russia and Paraguay and bring them to Copenhagen for three months of hard work and mentoring.

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Appgyver's Workspaces might finally get enterprises to leverage mobile

Finnish HTML5 app platform Appgyver has one of those paths that seems logical when you look back at their history, but would be somewhat impossible to fully realize when they first launched. Their new product, called Appgyver Workspace, looks like a promising platform for enterprises to finally take advantage of the power of mobile - a massively valuable turning point that hasn't come thanks to bloated corporate software banging up against today's 'Bring Your Own Device' policy.

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The ArcticStartup guide to: Estonia

We’ve brought you guides to Riga and Lithuania before, and we know quite a few were looking forward to Estonia. With Slush just finishing up, we hope it will be particularly useful for those flying in for the event and willing to stay longer and explore #Estonianmafia startup scene. There’s one quote that has been widely circulated among Estonian and foreign investors:

"If I see a company coming out of Estonia I am reasonably assured that it will be executed well. For its size, Estonia is generating more high quality startups than you would expect.”

-       Naval Ravikant, Founder of AngelList"

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