Estonia's Weekdone faced with $37 Billion worth of non-productivity

No one likes inefficient meetings. They drain your focus, waste your time and on the long run they end up costing a good deal of money. This is why it’s always nice to do a recap on Estonia’s Weekdone. They have been waging a war on meeting inefficiency for some years now, and every once in a while they reach out to us with a PR comeback, sleeves full of fresh app features and shocking statistics to showcase. This time, however, some of the stats are pretty jaw dropping indeed.

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Competition, finally! Hoodie Dude welcomes KoppiCatch to connect startups and corporations

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Sami Kuusela, better known as the Hoodie Dude.

Last weeks Thursday was a big day for us at Hoodie Dude. We finally got a competitor. Lovely.

Startup investor and accelerator KoppiCatch launched their Star-Tap program which gets startups and corporations to meet and work together.

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Dealflow from Lithuania: These #LTstartups are raising over $100M

A guest post by Edmundas Balčikonis, CEO of Trackduck

Lithuania is one of the smallest countries in Europe with a population of 3 million. However, our startup ecosystem has been growing constantly with record activity in 2014 and more than $100M in investments over the past few years. In 2015 Lithuanian startups plan to raise more money than ever before. Here is just a portion of startups who are going to take the lion share of it. We have confirmed the numbers with all startups except for the first biggest three.

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Detectify picks up €1.5 million to hack your startup

Stockholm-based Detectify has been a fun company to follow. With a team of hackers (in both the startup and Hollywood sense) they've done everything from hacking Google, Facebook, Spotify, Klarna, and Stripe for bug bounty programs. Taking their ethical hacker knowledge mainstream, they've built a "get hacked as a service" tool for anyone to hack their own web service and see how their cyber security stacks up.

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1 Billion answers: Kahoot's growth in 3 numbers the video that explains why

We're running out of adjectives to describe Oslo-based Kahoot's growth, so we'll just get down to the numbers. But first- a little primer on the company for those who haven't seen our past coverage.

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Helsinki-based Pointscene brings LiDAR data to public use

If you happen to work with point clouds, and if you’ve ever found accessing, sharing and using that point cloud data troublesome, there’s a good chance Helsinki-based 3point, the company behind cloud service Pointscene could provide a solution for your problems.

If you don’t know anything about point clouds, however, or you have no idea what LiDAR is, there’s nothing to worry about. This is a good chance to learn something new about laser mapping, laser data storage and lasers

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Denmark's Sekoia picks up €2.7 Million with tech for elder care

You've seen the trend lines, our demographics are getting older and older. As the baby boom reaches retirement we need to seriously strengthen our elder care infrastructure and make it much more efficient, which is the logic behind Aarhus-based Sekoia, who announces today they've received a €2.7 million investment led by Northcap for their touchscreen platform that simplifies work for care workers. Klaus Nyengaard, previously the CEO of Just Eat, was the original business angel in Sekoia and acts as their chairman.

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Highlights of the Estonian Tech News

This is a guest post by Fredy-Edwin Esse for Silicon Vikings, a group connecting the Nordic and Baltics to Silicon Valley.

The start of the year has been a busy one in the Estonian startup scene where TransferWise has made the biggest headlines with a lot of other positives news coming in as well.

At the end of January, Estonian founded and London-based money transfer startup TransferWise raised $58 million in a Series C round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz with participation also from previous backers Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel's Valar Venture, Index Ventures, IA Ventures and Seedcamp.

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Zervant raises €1.5 million to make accounting easier for SMES

Zervant announces today that it has raised €1.5 million to help expand its invoicing and accounting platform outside of the home Scandinavian market with a target set on Germany and France. The funding came from Conor, the Helsinki-based VC with €70 million under management, as well as Zervant's existing investors.

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Arctic15 Is Live: First Speakers Announced.

Our conference, the Arctic15, is coming up the 26th and 27th of May and it's exciting to be announcing the first batch of speakers!

But before we get to that, when we talk about Arctic15, we also want to tell you the philosophy behind our conference and events in general. We travel to a ton of startup events around Europe, and for some of them we have to ask, "what is the real value the attendees are getting here?"

That's why we've built Arctic15 to be an event focused on value for attendees - if you're going to pay for a ticket and give us two days of your life, we want to entertain, inform, and really connect you.

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Drop in some intelligent security to your startup with

The last thing you want on your web app is to hear that sleazy people are crawling all over it, hacking your users either through brute force or using a stolen password to steal sensitive information. Despite the clamor from the technical crowd that developers should implement two-factor authentication everywhere your average user isn't going to take the time, which means you should be more proactive with your login security. Enter Malmö-based which offers an intelligent drop-in security tool, now available in Beta.

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Want to be a digital nomad in Asia? Here are 5 things you should keep in mind.

Becoming location independent is easier than ever. Once you are able to work from anywhere as long as you have your computer and a Wi-Fi, why not exploit this situation to travel around the world, explore different cultures, religions, countries and learn more about the wonderful world we live in?

Would like to give it a shot? Great! Keep these 5 things in mind:

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Leaddesk raises €5.5 Million Series A

We've been following the buildup of Helsinki-based Leaddesk for some time now. Starting in 2010 by building modern software for European call centers they've seen good growth by building cloud-based callcenter services focused on the needs for salespeople to get deals done over the phone. After seeing after seeing over 1,000% growth back in 2013, they've now raised their first round, a €5.5 million Series A led by Dawn Capital as well as participation by Finnish Industry Investment.

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Finnish travel app CreateTrips closes €1.4 Million in seed

Everything travel is going mobile, and Finnish startup CreateTrips is picking up users and travel bloggers for their nicely-designed iOS-based smart trip planner. Users can build guides to share with friends, as well as browse a large library of mobile travel guides curated by travel-related businesses and over 300 professional travel bloggers.

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Blueberry Wall connects long distance relationships through printed photos

The age of the Internet of Things is upon us, and nowadays nearly any noun can be found on a crowdfunding platform with the ability to connect it to the internet. You might think it would be tough to throw the world wide web into printed framed photos, but Patrik Koze and Kaviraj Murugesan in Tartu, Estonia sees an opportunity in long distance relationships.

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Shark Punch's Playfield raises €1.2 Million

When sitting down at the Shark Punch office at the time of our last article, we spoke at length about how the game industry is rapidly changing thanks to the rise of alpha launched games - works in progress that have enough content for gamers to get a feel for the game but still early enough to see the game progress and help shape the direction. With momentum behind Steam's Greenlight program it seems like there's no going back to polished 1.0 game launches, and if you engage your audience correctly you can build a $2.5 billion dollar company, like Minecraft's rise from alpha.

While moving The Masterplan through Greenlight, it became clear to Shark Punch that there's new problem for game developers and gamers. Suddenly every game developer needs to be a better media about itself, and there's a discovery problem of helping gamers find great games. Originally Shark Punch worked on this platform as a side project, but has since raised €1.2 million by London Venture Partners in an Angel List syndicate with DN Capital, Reaktor Polte, as
well as private angel investors. The result is Playfield - a platform bringing gamers and game developers together - a response to Steam Greenlight's limited community features and restricted platform.

”We started the company initially to develop a new game called The Masterplan, but after many discussions with other game developers, we realized that discovery is a massive problem for both developers and players. The question is rarely 'is there a big enough audience', but 'how to reach the right audience’”, says Jiri Kupiainen, CEO of Shark Punch.

"The number one problem for game developers today is user acquisition and we know that Playfield will help game developers to get their games discovered by relevant gamers", Kupiainen continues.

In proper early-access mindset, Playfield has launched in an open beta, allowing you to follow, like, and comment on games.

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A Good Sign: Corporates Joining The Startup Game

For years there has been a great divide between startups and corporates. Many big companies had internal R&D departments and would never consider that working with, acquiring or purchasing from startups would make their business better. At the same time, startups saw corporates as giants that are hard to reach or to work with. Both were somewhat afraid to reach out.

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Mobile Developers Wanted: Act Qvik

Editor's note: This is a sponsored job posting, but please help support ArcticStartup by passing this on to your friends looking for work in mobile development.

How would you like to join a company that truly understands mobile? A company that has built many successful startups? A company that did not have any outside funding and yet built apps that are used by tens of million people and bring in significant revenues?

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With solid lineup of customers Wake changing how design teams work

Designers are never happy, are they? While cloud storage companies like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box have skyrocketed thanks to being the easiest solution for teams to share documents and files with each other, they're more of a utility than a communication platform for designers who feed on iteration and motifs. No one really opens up Dropbox for inspiration, and thanks to that ideas, sketches, and updates don't travel far from the person who designed them.

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Entrepreneurs on ice: The Polar Bear Pitch - LIVE!

What's the best motivation to cut to the chase? Standing in freezing water in a hole cut in the ice. With this logic, Oulu's Polar Bear Pitch doesn't need any countdown timers as entrepreneurs pitch their startup to a group of investors - the limits of the human body are enough motivation to get in, cut to the chase, and hurry into the sauna. We've gotten our hands on the Polar Bear Pitch's livestream, which you can find below the fold:

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