Fortumo Opens €1 Million Fund for Developers to Intergrate Operator-Based In-app Billing

Estonian mobile payments company Fortumo has found inspiration for monetization among in-app payment methods. Last week they announced the opening of a €1 million support fund to cover costs up to €25,000 for developers to integrate Fortumo's payment solution through mobile operators into their Windows phone or Windows 8 apps.

Why exactly Windows platforms? The answer lies within a deeper insight into credit card ownership statistics.

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Latitude59 opens up Pitching Competition

Latitude59 will be once again bringing the baltics together in the name of inspiring camaraderie, entrepreneurship and some good old fashioned pitches. The event will be taking place in Tallinn on April 28-29, 2014 with names such as Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google; and Micke Paqvalen, Founder and Operational Chairman at Kiosked.

This year’s Latitude59 theme will be focusing on CleanTech, Internet of Things (IOT) and Gaming.

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Open Call: Event Organizers Unite Around Arctic15

One of our goals at ArcticStartup is to bring people closer together and help them get the attention and visibility that they deserve. This extends to Arctic15:Exit Path, the conference that we are organising at the end of May.

As a part of that, we want to help event organizers attract more attendees and visibility. So we are going to promote all events that take either one week before Arctic15 or up-to two weeks after it. Monday the 18th of May - Friday the 13th of June 2014.

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Finnish Coinmotion Delivers Bitcoins in Minutes

Bitcoin startups have been exploding recently, and with the fall of Mt. Gox, once the largest bitcoin exchange, new services have started popping up in the North such as Safello in Sweden, or now Finland's very own Coinmotion.

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Why do 48h hackathons work?

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Priit Salumaa Co-founder at Garage48 Foundation and Mooncascade. This is somewhat a response to this guest post, My Problem with 48h Startups. This article has been updated after a mistake in drafts.

We have been doing hackathons for 4 years now at Garage48 Foundation. This means 33 events in 12 countries, with total of more than 2500 participants, more than 750 ideas pitched and nearly 400 prototypes built. Nine of the teams have successfully involved venture capital.

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FundedByMe Crowdfunds itself, starts talking about Crowd Lending

Want to help crowdfund a crowdfunding platform? You still might have a chance, Stockholm-based FundedByMe quickly hit their SEK 6 million goal (€677,000) and are meeting additional demand in their round by allowing an oversubscription of shares. Before the round started, an estimated SEK 2.5-2.8 million was expected to be committed. 333 individuals invested in the platform.

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Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde to run for European Parliament from Finland

Peter Sunde officially announced in a blog post last Tuesday his candidacy for a position in the European Parliament. He’s also been nominated by the European Pirate Party as their pick for the European Commission presidency.

Sunde mentioned his plans for his candidacy with the Finnish Pirate Party (Piraattipuolue) last year, but now the plan is to be taken more seriously.

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ALSO Group acquires Helsinki's Nervogrid

In exit news, Helsinki-based Nervogrid announced an acquisition by ALSO Holding AG, which is renaming itself to ALSO Group with the accession. Nervogrid provides "cloud control panels as a service" - meaning they allow vendors, service providers, and resellers to become cloud brokers. The company has been around since 2007 and is working with 300 service providers in 30+ countries.

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Jake Levine confirmed as speaker at Arctic15

As the tickets roll in for our conference on May 27th and 28th, we're happy to announce another speaker - Jake Levine. Today Levine is the founder of Electronic Objects, a cool hardware startup we're excited to learn more about. Previously Levine was the general manager at Digg - the news aggregator startup acquired by betaworks and merged with in July of 2012. Prior to working on and Digg, Levine was Entrepreneur in Residence at betaworks - the New York based startup studio and seed-stage VC that's been at the heart of the New York startup scene.

Betaworks has gotten their hands into a number of fast-growing startups like Tumblr, Airbnb, Groupon, and Twitter, as well as "more exclusive" stakes in Chartbeat, Bitly, and Socialflow. In a connection to the Nordic startup scene, Stockholm-founded Bloglovin' recieved $1 million from betaworks and Lerer Ventures last year as the startup moved its headquarters to New York.

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ArcticStartup's Job board - Friday 21st March

It's time for the weekly jobs round up on the Arctic Startup boards. Lets not waste any time today and dive straight in.

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Owegoo want to find your perfect holiday destination

We all dream of getting away right? Doesn’t really matter how great the place we might be is, there’s always somewhere else that promises a bluer sky, clearer oceans and greener grass. Sometimes it’s not a place we have in mind though, sometimes there’s just that unsettled feeling in the soul and the idea of what we’d much rather be doing than reading an article posted on a website right? You can picture that idea in your head, you know the thing you’d rather be doing, but you don’t know where to go to fulfil that desire. Well that’s where Owegoo comes in.

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SituationsApp makes your Smartphone smarter

Every mobile phone user gets these moments when they wish they could automate your phone a little better - like to make a smartphone an actually smart phone. One group of app developers from Finland have been looking for a solution to many of these nearly unnoticeable impracticalities - like having your phone go on silent for the duration of a meeting or automate SMS sending when your kid leaves school. These little things that make life a little nicer.

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Two European VC funds invest in Reykjavik startup

Earlier this March, Reykjavik-based personal finance software startup Meniga announced they had received a €1 million investment from the Dutch venture capital fund Velocity. Following the investment, Velocity‘s representative, Allard Luchsinger, will become a member of the board at Meniga.

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Streaming media on the rise: Booxmedia raises €450,000

As the trend goes, TV is leaving the clumsy cable pipes to surf the world wide web, as the phrase goes. Finland's Booxmedia is successfully riding that wave, building whitelabel technology for broadcasters, operators, and copyright owners to put up a full-featured streaming TV service in weeks, and without hardware investments. Today they announce they've raised €450,000 from existing shareholders, including Kaj Hagros, DNA, and Alma Media, and announces Tekes, the Finnish funding agency, has invited Booxmedia to the second stage of its "Young Innovative Growth Companies" program.

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Copygram Sets Up First Swedish Instagram Gallery to Promote Printing

For millions of users Instagram is the app of choice for global image sharing. Everyone contributes in their own way, so among the stereotypical images of food, cats and duck facing teens we can also see real pearls made by professional photographers or simply astounding amateur pictures taken by someone who was at the right place on the right moment.

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Conferize Partners with TEDx

Conferize has sure been on a roll during the first month of this spring. Not so long after being named “the best networking platform for professional events” by Forbes (full article) Conferize partners up with TED, the non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. From now on, TEDx organizers will be using Conferize’s platform as a tool for building online communities around TEDx events, sparking awareness and engaging people with content, live-streaming and social networking.

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Is this the coolest thing to happen to mobile First Person Shooters?

It's always been fun to see what Stockholm's 13th Lab is up to. They company has been doing really "new" things in the Augmented Reality and Computer Vision fields since 2010, for instance creating the Pointcloud browser - a mobile browser that actually seems mobile native.

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Mojang growing strong: posts €234 million revenue

Despite if you think that Minecraft is old news, or if the Free to Play model is the only game model worth pursuing in in 2014, you would be wrong. Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, tell the Wall Street Journal that their revenue has increased 38% over last year to SEK 2.07 billion (€234 Million). Mojang has 40 employees, most of which are in their Sodermalm, Stockholm office.

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Vuact Finds the Moment when your Adrenaline Kicks In

Some people are addicted to speed. Not the speed Paul Erdös used to solve mathematical problems, but an actual need for speed. There’s a good reason why such addicts tend to find themselves fascinated with extreme sports like snowboarding, motocross and skydiving; for them, having multiple G’s of force smashing against their face is just a way to say they’re alive.

Until the creation of the GoPro device, these extreme sportsmen had difficulties of getting easy video footage of their stunts and adventures. But even with all the advantages of the revolutionizing POV camera, the bicycle enthusiast behind Vuact couldn't help but feel like raw video footage was a pain to go through. Without a Red Bull sponsorship level of production behind the footage, amateur videos can be slightly and simply boring.

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This Norwegian EdTech startup is growing 150,000 users a week

Editor's note: at publishing this article incorrectly stated that Kahoot is growing at 100,000 a week. The correct number is updated in the text.

"If you're going to get penetration in the EdTech market, you need to get student acceptance. If you get students to love it, teachers will love it," says Kahoot co-founder Johan Brand. But there's also a chicken and egg problem - you can't get the student acceptance unless the teacher lets them embrace the concept. It's a obvious principle, but how many solutions out there actually get both students and educators excited? Apparently Norway's Kahoot does.

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