Denmark's wins European-wide Lady Pitch Night

With a spotlight on Europe's up-and-coming female-led startups, the five finalists and the winner have been announced to the Lady Pitch Night, the biggest pan-European competition for female-founded startups.

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Infogram fleshes out product with team tools

Infogram is squarely in the B2B space with their interactive infographic tool used by media houses and nonprofits like The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Amnesty International, and others. But today they announced a new feature that starts looking more like a B2B product and less of a tool for a lonely blogger - Infogram for teams.

The tool is only available for their Pro and White Label plans, but the general idea is that they give users the access to shared themes and a shared history of created infographics and visualization, making cooperation and creation more productive.

"The idea for was born in a newsroom, and newsrooms are nothing without team environments," says co-founder and CEO Uldis Leiterts. "And we're seeing's infographics being created by teams in all kinds of organizations - media, business corporations, NGOs and education. We want to serve large organizations better, and For Teams is a big step in this direction."

This past spring Infogram raised €1.34 million in funding and more recently has hired Mikko Jarvenpaa as COO.

Today over 1 million infographics have been created through their platform,

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What makes a good incubator? UBI Ranks the world's university-associated programs

What makes a good incubator? I can think of some qualitative things, like the type of people you surround yourself with, but I'm glad someone is crunching the numbers out there. Stockholm-based UBI Index has put out a new ranking of accelerators around the world, with Sweden's Stiftelsen Chalmers Innovation making the list from the region. A the top list of University-associated incubators can be found in the infographic at the end of the article.

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Ztory raises funding from Wellington and D-Ax

Sweden nailed a subscription service for music, but can it do the same for books? Ztory, the subscription service for digital publications, has announced it has raised funding from D-Ax and Wellington Partners. There are a few "Spotify for books" contenders out there, with even getting in the mix these days, but Ztory is focused more on visual content such as magazines, bookazines, visual facts and even children's books.

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Top European Startup Events for the Rest of 2014

At ArcticStartup we love events, heck, we even have a bunch of our own: ArcticEvenings for networking, Reverse Pitching to bring large corporations and startups together, and the jewel of springtime, Arctic15 in the end of May. But before 2015 arrives, let’s have a look at what else is out there and which bigger events especially interests us for the remaining of 2014.

Going to a conference you should plan well and have proper goals to achieve to maximize the effort. So check out our Battleplan article from last year and prepare yourself!

What's coming up:

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OEMs seeing value in Bitbar's Testdroid to reach developers

App developing and automation are interests of ours, so it's been too long since we've gotten an article about Bitbar, the Finnish creator of the Testdroid services for testing how exactly your app runs android devices.

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Quit sending PDFs - Check out Denmark's PitchXO

This startup is going to make you feel that sending a normal PDF is outdated. Check out PitchXO, a Danish startup that allows you to upload your presentations to their service, giving you branded hosting to pass on to your clients or investors, which comes with a few benefits.

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GoMore revolutionizes car ownership with new leasing concept

GoMore‘s new leasing concept means that you can now lease a car for 6 months, renting it out 8 days of each month when not in use, to make a full return on your payment. Basically – lease a car for free!

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Goo Technologies rises with WebGL

The in-browser 3D technology WebGL is one of those technologies that got the world excited a few years ago but since then hasn't been making many headlines. Looking at the Google Trends graph below, the world got excited about the promise of the technology in 2011 when Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and others first decided to integrate the tech into their browsers. But after the initial buzz surrounding the technology, the tools needed a little bit of time to catch up to the hype.

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The ArcticStartup Guide to: RIGA

With the booming Batic startup scene being mentioned more and more frequently, some of you may want to actually put the boots on the ground and come for a visit. With that in mind, we have compiled a shortlist of your possible destinations and events all about and around the local startup culture. Let’s start with Riga.

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Estonia Scores A Landmark Exit: GrabCad Acquired by Stratasys at over €70M

It has been a while since we have reported an exit for Estonia. Today's news of GrabCad's acquisition, placed around the $100M mark by several sources including TechCrunch, is an extremely important one for many reasons.

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Kickstarter opening up in Scandinavia October 21st

Got a lo-fi album, some smartwatch concept, or a potato salad you want to raise some money for? Kickstarter is soon ending up in Scandinavia in a new country rollout starting officially on October 21st.

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Verto Analytics picks up another €1.85 Million

Finland's smart metrics company is back in the funding roundups again. Last April Verto Analytics raised $5.4 million (€4.17 million) and has come back again with an additional $2.4 million (€1.85 million) to continue to boost its media measurement platform, this time with fresh cash from Open Ocean Capital and existing investors Conor Venture Partners and a few angel investors.

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MePIN heads to MasterCard Start Path accelerator

Two-factor authentication should be easy these days considering most people's smartphones are no farther than arms reach away from each other. Finnish startup MePIN has been fooling around in this secure authentication sector for a few years, launching an API allowing developers to embed a "log me in with MePIN" button on their site, which shoots a push notification to the MePIN app on your phone for you to log in with a touch of a button, your personal pin, or fingerprint on supported devices.

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Zombie Catchers picks up funding from Polte

Here's a quirky game to have on your radar. Finnish founded Two Men and a Dog Games have soft-launched their first game, Zombie Catchers, and have also become Reaktor Polte's first investment into a gaming company.

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You can't always stay indie - Minecraft acquired by Microsoft

Is Stockholm's Minecraft going to be the next Solitaire or Minesweeper? Today the rumored deal between Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, and Microsoft was confirmed for a $2.5 billion deal which puts it up there as one of the most massive gaming exit for the region. More information about what to expect (or all the things hanging in the air) can be found posted on the Mojang blog.

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Honesty on Kickstarter is a mistake we willingly made

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Dennis Kostroman sharing his experiences of a indie gaming studio running a Kickstarter campaign.

Busting a few myths for KS starters

Let’s be honest, no matter how old you are, deep down you still want to believe in miracles. So did we, when we decided to go for Kickstarter with a game that we always dreamed to make. We spent a few years in preparation while analyzing successful as well as failed campaigns on Kickstarter to understand how things work. We also have spoken with a number of experts in the crowdfunding field just to be sure and the result shocked us. They all underlined the same thing over and over - Kickstarter is no longer what it seems and maybe it never actually was. Here are the main things most crowdfunding veterans agree on:

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Personal finance app Tink raises €3.1 Million to expand outside Sweden

If you're living in Europe and have been waiting for a personal finance tool like Mint to integrate with your bank and credit cards for a breakdown of your spending habits, the good news is that you might not have to wait too much longer. On Friday news broke that Stockholm-based personal finance app Tink has raised a $4 million (€3.1 million) funding round led by Sunstone Capital to start expanding across European markets and eventually make its way to the American shores.

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Volumental Raises $3M and Pivots to Find the Perfect Fit for your Feet

It is always interesting to track startups that are doing everything they can to succeed, to see their passion and a never-ending desire to keep going. One such company is the Swedish based Volumental. We have now done a number of stories on the company and can see that they are definitely doing what every startup should in terms of raising money, pivoting and finding their place in the market.

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Latvian-Norwegian Green incubator launched and taking in new startups

This July Green Innovation Incubation Centre (GIIC) was launched in Riga.The project is carried out by Riga Technical University (RTU), University of Latvia (LU) and Norwegian industrial development corporation SIVA. 90% of the funds come from Norwegian government and are supervised by Innovation Norway. The remaining 10% are co-financed by Latvian government. With their second admission contest still running till Monday, I have visited the incubator on Pulka street 3 and peeked into the daily life of their first batch.

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