Pipedrive appoints Steve Oriola as new CEO

Right before the Easter holiday Pipedrive announced the appointment of Steve Oriola as the company's new CEO. Timo Rein, co-founder and former CEO, will serve as President of the company, where he'll get back to his roots of product, engineering, infrastructure, integrations and support services.

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Public speaking tech PentaClass hitting the markets with EET Group

Innovative Latvian company PentaClass, solving the 'do you hear me at the back?' problem with omnidirectional audio equipment for teachers and public speakers has announced that it is ready to sign an agreement with one of Europe's biggest IT products distributors EET Group. Latvian news portal Delfi reported the statement by PentaClass board member Agnis Kalnins today. We covered PentaClass before here almost a year ago as they were just launching their production.

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Media Giants Reaching Out To Startups at Reverse Pitching 3.0: Yle, Aller, Alma, DNA & Helen.

Here we go again Helsinki. We have got together an amazing list of media related corporations that are ready to open their doors and to reach out to startups. You will have a chance to learn how they plan to work with you, what their current problems and challenges are, if they are looking to buy companies or perhaps give access for pilots & APIs. Their hearts will be open to startups on April 17th, in the Helsinki Yrityslinna. To participate, sign up here and act fast. Last time around we had over 200 people in the house with just 130 seats. The event is free to attend and we will have plenty of refreshments for you to enjoy.

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Just Sold announces seed investment by Hellerup finance

Trendsonline reports that real-estate platform Just-Sold have raised an investment from Hellerup Finans. The sums is not revealed, but in the six-digit euros size.

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Is there a market for device-connected games? Gajatri's Breath Watch sees strong Finnish launch

When we last wrote about Gajatri Studios we noted how they are a game company in transition - they were a little behind the curve moving from Facebook games to iOS, but now they're on the cutting edge when you consider how few game companies are building games for wearables. While they seem to be doing well with their Farmville-meets-yoga game, Yoga Retreat, their newly launched app, Breath Watch allows users to plug their heart rate monitors into their smartphones and practice 30 days worth of breathing exercises.

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From military airplane navigation to EdTech startup: Latvian Experiential Simulations

While the Latvian education system is struggling, the number of #LVstartups in EdTech keeps growing. We've previously covered PentaClass, an audio solution to 'do you hear me at the back?' problem, as well as the winner of TechChill Baltics pitch contest Edurio. This time it's Experiential Simulations - an online simulation that already helps hundreds of university students from Ottava (Canada) to Kazan (Russia) in learning entrepreneurship.

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3 days left to apply to Rietumu FinTech challenge by TechHub Riga

TechHub Riga and Rietumu bank invite FinTech startups from all over the world to join their challenge and win €5,000 on April 28th in Riga. The contest is open to startups at any stage and defines FinTech  rather broadly - any startup developing a solution for finance sector and improving any type of money operations can apply by Apr 3 here.

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Great resource for Swedish entrepreneurs and Angels: Startupdocs

After former Pizza Online CEO Erik Byrenius exited his online delivery company to Delivery Hero, he had some time on his hands and decided to become an angel investor. "When I was about to do my first investment I started asking around what was normal [in a term sheet]. No one could really answer," he says.

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Denmark's SEED Capital boasts record breaking profit

SEED Capital, the most active venture capital fund in Denmark which has over 70 startups in its portfolio, has reported record-breaking profits in the last year. This success is mainly credited to developments within the portfolio. The recently published report also shows a total of four exits undergone in the past year, including Contera PharmaLibratone, Sense and the big exit by Endomondo. The sale of Endomondo to American Under Armour for € 75 million in the beginning of 2015 is no doubt the main source of last year’s pleasing figures.

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Soon you could be using your device with your eyes only

It used to be all about writing command lines. Then the mouse took over and computers performed on the basis of clicks, followed by touch screens, which put the hand into direct, tactile control of software and applications. But the future is on our doorstep, and it’s controlled by eye movement.

Yes you saw that right. It may still be a technology in its infancy, but Denmark-based Eye Tribe is giving us a glimpse of how pressing and swiping touch screens and mouse pads could one day be fully replaced by eye motion control.

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NewsHubby: DIY Press Releases for Tech companies

Every hard-boiled start-up will know the importance of PR. It’s a domain where your company's self-image spearheads every decision, and how to present, improve and spread that image around is certainly a skill in itself. Often this skill involves writing press releases, the most straightforward way to get your news into the hands of journalists.

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What Does It Really Take To Move To London?

Editor's note: This is a sponsored post for UKTI

After Plan Brothers won the “Take That Tech To The UK" pitching competition organised by UKTI, they received an establishment package in London which included: setting up a company, getting a business address, receiving legal & tax advice and much more.

We wanted to follow up with them on their international expansion process to learn more about what it actually takes to take the jump.

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ArcticStartup, Catapult & Helsinki Ventures Launches Yle Media Startup Accelerator

Boom! Yle, the Finnish broadcasting company with over 100 years of experience and a reach of 5.5 million people is teaming up with us, Catapult and Helsinki Ventures to launch an accelerator program at the end of April. Apply now! The application period ends on the 8th of April and the companies will be chosen by the 17th of April.

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Berlin from the eyes of Nordic and Baltic startups - Part 2

This is a the second part of a guest post by Konstantin Zagaynov, Co-Founder at Videoly.co, a service that connects product video reviews to e-commerce shops. The first part can be found here.

Doing business and sales

I’ve done B2B sales in Finland and Germany. I think in Finland an early-adopter mindset and “let’s just try it, measure the results and make a decision then” attitude are common, while in Germany it is rather “this looks interesting, we will talk to the management”. This leaves you wonder – why to discuss so much and not just try it out? However once you are in the pipeline, things execute quicker and it is usually easy to track the progress.

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Realm Raises €18 M series B to bring databases to Mobile

Realm just closed a € 18 M ($ 20 M) Series B led by Khosla Ventures, along with new investor Scale Venture Partners. Less than 9 months after its public launch, Realm is already the 2nd-most deployed database in the world, running on well over 100 million devices!

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Supercell's 2014 net sales hit €1.545 Billion

Supercell's financial results for 2014 were released today by Talouselämä (in Finnish), and as you suspected the Helsinki-based developer of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach is printing money.

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Taxify rolls out a Windows Phone app

Taxify, the Estonian taxi booking application successfully taking on Uber in the region, is now available to Windows Phone users. The app has so far launched in the App Store and Google Play, while Windows Phone users could only use the web version. With 15% of Finnish business people still using Windows Phone, it is certainly a way to acquire customers.

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Berlin from the eyes of Nordic and Baltic startups - Part 1

This is a guest post by Konstantin Zagaynov, Co-Founder at Videoly.co, a service that connects product video reviews to e-commerce shops.

When we started Videoly.co, we did not think twice about becoming international from Day 1. Yes, having a team spread in two locations could be challenging, but if you know your co-founders well and if you establish clear and transparent working processes, being present in several target markets multiplies the opportunities.

Berlin is one of the most active startup hubs in Europe. It feels like a big city and a village at the same time. Berlin has several technical universities and is a development center location for major Internet companies (Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Rocket Internet, HERE, Soundcloud). At the same time, it probably has the cheapest average cost of living among western European capitals. In Berlin, a calendar of startup-networking events has no holidays.

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Stockholm's first Hardware co-working space: THINGS

Since we already crossed the topic of new Scandinavian co-working spaces this week, here’s another newcomer in the start-up co-working sector: THINGS.

THINGS is the first hardware hub to set up office in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The space will be located in the campus of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in a 2000sqm, customised house.

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World's biggest co-working space to be? The entrepreneurial awakening of Norway’s technology capital

It seems that the significant cut on oil prices has been an eye-opening and a bit scary experience for Norwegians, but the change has also been recognized as an opportunity to create something new. At least in the nation’s technology capital this transition seems to have led to an entrepreneurial awakening – People in Trondheim determinately thrive for the idea that 'knowledge is the new oil'.

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