Uwe Horstmann on the qualities of exceptional founders and the elements of startup success

   July 12, 2017   Uwe Horstmann

In this episode, Uwe Horstmann talks about how his career evolved, his work as an operational VC, key qualities of successful founders, the competitive edge a company can gain through ’hyper lear

Jasper Masemann On How to Build a Successful Company: VC Perspective

   June 29, 2017   Jasper Maseman

In this episode, Jasper Maseman talks about his work as a VC, shares great tips for founders that are seeking funding, explains why Zeitgold as one of Holtzbrinck’s latest investments is an excit

Benedikt Franke on his entrepreneurial learnings that led to founding Helpling

   June 14, 2017   Benedikt Franke

In this episode, Benedikt talks about the fast-paced learning experience he had when he began his startup journey at Rocket Internet in 2009, how to make it work when you found a company with a clo

Antonio García Martínez shares the secrets of Silicon Valley

   May 31, 2017   Antonio García Martínez

In this interview, Antonio covers a lot of ground on ‘everything startup’. He makes a deep dive and talks about what the culture in Silicon Valley’s is actually like, what makes Facebook spec

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on happiness

   March 8, 2016   Test

ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 1 – The Oilman, Dmitri Sarle

   March 8, 2016   Soul Instrumental

In the first episode of Sidetrack, ArcticStartup CEO Dmitri Sarle tells about his side project in oil business. Music in this episode: T.H.E. – Soul Instrumental Otso – BBWLA

ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 2 – Bidding for Worldcon, Eemeli Aro

   March 8, 2016   Leandros.Ntounis

In this episode of Sidetrack, Eemeli Aro tells about his side project of bringing Worldcon to Helsinki in 2017. You’ll find more information of the project at www.helsinkiin2017.org/

ArcticStartup Podcasts ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 3 – Going in circles with Elias Pietilä

   March 8, 2016   Soul Instrumental

In this episode of Sidetrack, Elias Pietilä – the product lead of Wolt – tells about his several side projects ranging from games to perfect circles. One of his projects actually got the Apple

ArcticStartup Sidetrack @Arctic15 – Getting to know Prezi’s Ádám Somlai-Fischer

   March 8, 2016   Soul Instrumental

This weeks Sidetrack is a special interview from Arctic15. We had a chance to get to know Ádám Somlai-Fischer, the co-founder of Prezi, who shared his thoughts about being an entrepreneur.

ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 4 – Author and Cat Marketing Blogger Jarno Alastalo

   March 8, 2016   Soul Instrumental

In this episode of Sidetrack, The co-founder of Heimo, Jarno Alastalo, tells about his side project – that includes an interview with a cat. Music in this episode: T.H.E. – Soul In

ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 5 – Going through the story of IRC-Galleria with Jari Jaanto

   March 8, 2016  

In this episode of Sidetrack, The co-founder of IRC-Galleria, Jari Jaanto, tells about the impact of Finland’s first social media service. Music in this episode: T.H.E. – Soul

The Next Swedish Unicorns? 8 Pitches from Sthlm Tech Fest

   March 8, 2016  

At Stockholm Tech Fest, we asked eight companies to give us one minute pitches so we could introduce as many Swedish companies after the event as possible.

Interview With Solu Founder Kristoffer Lawson

   March 2, 2016   Soul Instrumental

We met with Solu Founder Kristoffer Lawson to have an hands on preview on the world’s smallest personal computer – which is also the world’s first computer as a service. Solu i

Meet Gisges – The Social Treating App That Enables You To Be More Present

   March 2, 2016   Soul Instrumental

Meet Gisges, A Helsinki-based Startup enabling one to send small and personalized surprises to your close ones. In this interview, the co-founder of Gisges Antti Kaihlanen and the product le

Review: Sample of SoundShade – The Nordic Midsummer

   March 2, 2016   Soul Instrumental

We tested SoundShade – the soothing nature and noise background sound system – at our office. Here’s a sample of one sound combination that we do miss during the Scandinavian winter: Nord