Benedikt Franke on his entrepreneurial learnings that led to founding Helpling

      Benedikt Franke

In this episode, Benedikt talks about the fast-paced learning experience he had when he began his startup journey at Rocket Internet in 2009, how to make it work when you found a company with a clo

Antonio García Martínez shares the secrets of Silicon Valley

      Antonio García Martínez

In this interview, Antonio covers a lot of ground on ‘everything startup’. He makes a deep dive and talks about what the culture in Silicon Valley’s is actually like, what makes Facebook spec

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on happiness


ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 1 – The Oilman, Dmitri Sarle

      Soul Instrumental

In the first episode of Sidetrack, ArcticStartup CEO Dmitri Sarle tells about his side project in oil business. Music in this episode: T.H.E. – Soul Instrumental Otso – BBWLA