Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on happiness


ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 1 – The Oilman, Dmitri Sarle

      Soul Instrumental

In the first episode of Sidetrack, ArcticStartup CEO Dmitri Sarle tells about his side project in oil business. Music in this episode: T.H.E. – Soul Instrumental Otso – BBWLA

ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 2 – Bidding for Worldcon, Eemeli Aro


In this episode of Sidetrack, Eemeli Aro tells about his side project of bringing Worldcon to Helsinki in 2017. You’ll find more information of the project at www.helsinkiin2017.org/

ArcticStartup Podcasts ArcticStartup Sidetrack Episode 3 – Going in circles with Elias Pietilä

      Soul Instrumental

In this episode of Sidetrack, Elias Pietilä – the product lead of Wolt – tells about his several side projects ranging from games to perfect circles. One of his projects actually got the Apple