Jyri Engeström starting his keynoteCheck, check… mike working, reporting from the Mindtrek conference from Tampere where some 800 people are networking, discussing internet and digital media at large. The day has been action packed and there has been a lot of different content to consume. Furthermore, the audience saw some top notch speakers at Mindtrek this year, especially Chris Messina and Jyri Engeström, who were keynote speakers continuing on the post they wrote for ArcticStartup earlier.

The day began with a keynote by Chris Messina. He talked about identity as a platform. Judging on the amount of comments from people on the aisles in the conference, Chris hit top on with his presentation. Although there were some illogicalities, which he admits, it’s always great to hear news from The Valley on the trends that are pumping there.

After lunch, the audience were split into four different tracks. One of the most interesting track, in my opinion (biased as always) was the Startup Launchpad (disclosure: I was hosting the track). We had 6 very interesting finalists in the competition that the jury grilled with difficult questions. Before the startup pitches, we had Taneli Tikka share some of his insight regarding the successful ingredients of a startup. It was great to see that startups were such an integral part of the conference and a lot of prize money will be given to the winner of the Startup Launchpad to further improve their business.

To finish off the day Jyri Engeström held a thorough keynote on Snack Size Sociality. He also mentioned some interesting issues regarding the acquisition of Jaiku. When Jaiku was bought, it took the team a week to port it to Google Maps. However, it took the guys a year to make Google Latitude as they have to support many of the largest proprietary platforms.

We’ll also report on the second day of the conference later on. Make sure you pay a visit next year, it’s one of the top conferences in Northern Europe not to miss.