DFF Riga

The Digital Freedom Festival (DFF) stands for new digital liberties and is against digital discrimination. The DFF encourages a discussion amongst all stakeholders with an aim to “make the world a better place” and to bring the benefits of the digital revolution to every member of our society.

This November, celebrating the first annual DFF, we invite you to be a part of an intimate yet influential conference of around 1000 participants discussing the latest developments and trends in digital technologies, business, lifestyle, and policymaking. We are bringing together a strong lineup of speakers, start-ups and ecosystem representatives, investors, policy makers and media representatives to create a continuous atmosphere of collaboration. Start-ups will get to speed date with investors, pitch their ideas and showcase their products.

Some of the topics covered during the festival include: killing a unicorn start-up, artificial intelligence, shared economy, future of countries and e-governance, smart cities, cyber security, brand futures and how digitalisation challenges us as humans.

For tickets: http://www.digitalfreedomfestival.com/tickets

Date : 11/27/2017

Contact Information :

Website Link : http://www.digitalfreedomfestival.com/

Address : Riga, Latvia

Location Map