CUBE Tech Fair

Berlin-based and initiated in 2015 out of existing industry needs, CUBE is a global innovation ecosystem dedicated to connecting industry players and innovative B2B startups worldwide, facilitating greater connections between the two opposites. By acting as an interpreter, understanding the needs of both startups and corporations, we facilitate deals and digitalization faster than any other innovation scouting platform. Guided by the desire to make an impact and not just set forth business opportunities CUBE is focusing on three major world changing fields:

Life Sciences, including Digital Health & Agritech, Machinery & Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Interconnectivity.

By promoting, creating, and fostering partnerships between industry players and startups, Volkswagen and NavVis were the first to be successfully matched by CUBE. This match significantly became one of the key elements in digitalizing the “AutoCity”, Wolfsburg. Furthermore Leybold, one of the leading providers of vacuum pumps and – systems, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Switzerland based startup ScanTrust, thanks to the introduction made by the Berlin-based ecosystem CUBE.

Volkswagen and Leybold, among other corporates will showcase their products at our CUBE TECH FAIR in May, 10-12. The most innovative startups will be obliged to pitch for one million euro.

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Date : 05/10/2017

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Address : Berlin, Saksamaa

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