Oslo 08.05: Nokia X Android Portathon

Thursday, May 8, 2014 @ 12:00
MESH Norway, Tordenskiolds Gate 3, 0160 Oslo, Norway

"Bring your existing Android Apps to Nokia"

Get your hands on Nokia X devices and port your existing android app to the Nokia Store.

It only takes a few hours to port your app and get it published on the Nokia Store. Which means that at minimal effort, you will be able to create a new income stream and get a first insider insight before anybody else in your country.

The event will start at 12:00 and will take place at: MESH AS, Tordenskiolds Gate 3, 0160 Oslo, Norway

After the event, all participants will be welcome to join the ArcticEvening afterparty by ArcticStartup, which starts at 18:30 at the same venue.

We will be selecting the top 15 applicants to participate in the event.

For more information on Nokia X, check out the developer page: http://developer.nokia.com/nokia-x

Follow the link below to register

More information: https://arcticstartup.wufoo.com/forms/olso-0805-nokia-x-android-portathon/

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