blue-white-partners1Blue White Partners, which Finnish and US based team helps Finnish hi-tech companies to go global might shed some light in it. Blue White investigated(pdf, in Finnish) over 1100 Finnish hi-tech companies’ visibility on the web. Average Blue White Web Score for Finnish companies was 39/100 where as global average is 50. The score is made by investigating content semantics, language, search engine rank and index, and presence in social media.

The top100 mostly consisted of big companies but there were even few startups like 8. Muxlim(95), 13. XIHA(93), 14. Kuneri(93), 15. TripSay(92). (On side note ArcticStartup got 94.)

There has been some discussion what is the actual importance of SEO or is it a complete fad. While methods ranging from white to shady black, I wouldn’t argue that SEO is the most important thing to consider when building a startup or product, but you shouldn’t ignore it either. Consider making your product crawlable. Provide some information on the inner workings of your service. Every public page should be your landing page. Use Google tools, like Adwords to select keywords for your product.

We living in the online world tend to forget how much less offline people know about current developments of the web. Help them to find you.

What is your experience, how important is SEO? Does search engine traffic stick?

Edit: Added top42 companies, by Blue White Partners (note: may be subject to change)

2Tellabs Oy98.1
4IT Mill Oy96.3
5Nokia Corporation96.2
7Tekla Corporation95.0
8Muxlim Oy95.0
9Poutapilvi web design Oy95.0
11BasWare Ltd.94.0
12Optinet Oy94.0
13XIHA Oy93.0
14Kuneri Oy93.0
15Trip Say92.0
17SSH Communications Security92.0
18Equal Dreams Oy92.0
22Smilehouse Oy90.0
23Red Innovation Oy90.0
25MoonSoft Oy89.0
26Louhi Networks Oy89.0
28Idean Research88.0
29Nokian Tyres Oy87.0
30QPR Software86.0
31Elektrobit Corporation86.0
32CSC – Tieteellinen laskenta Oy86.0
33Sininen Meteoriitti Oy86.0
34Sulake Oy85.0
36IFS Finland Oy85.0
37Brain Alliance Solutions Oy85.0
38Really Helsinki Oy85.0
39GoodMood Oy85.0
40Tecnomen Corp.84.0
42Innofactor Oy84.0